Social Media Lab (SIMElab)



The Secure Information Management Environment (SIME) Social Media lab is a Social Media Consumption and Analytics Research Lab housed at USIU-Africa’s Innovation Center. SIMElab Africa offers a research and development environment to USIU-Africa faculty and students, civil society and corporate businesses, and policymakers in Kenya and beyond. SIMELab is jointly funded by USA Embassy in Nairobi and USIU-Africa.

The Objectives of the SIMElab are:

  • To provide annual status on social media consumption in Kenya leading to an annual report
  • To conduct quarterly trainings on social media analytics to academics and private sector in Kenya
  • To develop a monthly data repository on social media consumption in Kenya
  • To disseminate quality and reputable research through journal and conference publications

Integration of the graduate students’ research projects’ supervision function to the SIMElab research agenda

SIMElab also engage masters’ and doctoral students in Communication, Information and Communication Technologies (Computer Science, Information Systems, and Information Technology) programs and Interdisciplinary Research in Social Media Use and Social Media Network Analysis.


View the Social Media Consumption in Kenya report 2018/19 by clicking here.


International Symposium on Social Media 2019


SIMElab launches social media consumption in Kenya report



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