School of Science and Technology


Welcome to the School of Science and Technology (SST) at the United States International University- Africa. I am thrilled to be part of the school that pioneered Science and Technology Programmes at the University. Over the past year I have had the privilege to serve as the Dean in the school. I am in awe of the passion that students in the school have for learning and problem solving. The zeal that faculty in the school have for teaching and research is commendable. I am impressed by the dedication of our hard-working faculty and staff in keeping the school running efficiently.

Our students have attained remarkable achievements during their terms of study, and they continue to do so after they have graduated from USIU-Africa. Our alumni hold important positions in the industry, with a good number having ventured into self-employment. Students who graduate from the school join an extensive, diverse, and talented community of learners, scholars, and professionals in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Notably, the school has produced professionals in the Field of Computer Science and Information Systems at both graduate and under graduate level. The school offers a friendly and exciting academic environment in which the views, values and ideas of students from more than eighty countries are shared, and analysed through continuous interaction among students and faculty to improve the students’ experience. This past year the faculty and staff have engaged in strategic activities that have laid a foundation for the coming years grounded by the school’s mission of building and sustaining high quality and broad-based teaching and research programs. Based on these foundations, I envisage that in the coming years the school will produce graduates that meet the growing market demand in the areas of Computer Security, Data Science and Software Engineering.

The school is built upon a strong synergy of education, research, and collaboration. The productivity, innovation, and impact of the faculty are exemplary. Our research areas focus on Knowledge Management, Early Warning Systems, Internet of Things, Computer Security, Social Media and Computer Networks. Faculty are constantly forming partnerships with other academic institutions and the industry to collaborate in the application of research and through certification programmes that enhance the students’ experience. Through these initiatives, faculty are developing and strengthening opportunities for greater community-based learning and global education through auxiliary learning experiences, locally and abroad. To enrich this experience, I am committed to create an environment where faculty have access to the resources that are required and to grow the number of qualified faculty that can enable the school to fulfil its potential.

We have a great foundation to propel the school to the future of STEM through programs and research activities that are recognised globally. As the Dean I will continue to reach out to the departments in the school to identify innovative and state of the art approaches of ensuring that we achieve our full potential. I look forward to enlarging the School’s community, programs, research output and facilities even further in the years to come.

Prof. Adema Valerie Palapala

Dean, School of Science and Technology

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