Overview and Mission

School of Graduate Studies, Research and Extension

The School of Graduate Studies, Research and Extension of USIU-A provides a one stop shop for all graduate students’ needs and supports academic research in line with the University policy. The office is located

Graduate Studies

Visit the school to learn about our graduate programs, partnerships with other universities and industry, research opportunities and funding, upcoming conferences and workshops, colloquia and scholarships for graduate research.

The School of Graduate studies ensures standardization of all graduate programs, encourages collaboration amongst the graduate programs, oversees implementation processes and quality checks, fundraises for graduate programs, liaises with other schools and admissions office during admission o graduate students, manages comprehensive examinations, oversees internal and external examination of theses and reviews students’ graduation requirements before approval by the senate. The school also offers training services to students, staff and faculty on applied research (proposal development, research methodology, publishing and dissemination of research output). Graduate programs are currently offered at the Chandaria School of Business, School of Humanities and Social Sciences and the School of Science and Technology.

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