Institute for Higher Education Leadership Development (IHERLD)

The Institute seeks to provide strategic and functional leadership development opportunities, research on higher education, policy dialogues for key stakeholders in higher education, and training on competency based education. The SGSR&E developed a concept for the Institute for funding by Africa Development Bank (AfDB). The Institute is expected to provide an important higher education forum for the East African region and continent at large. It was formally launched on January 30, 2019. The launch was attended by participants from 60 organizations including universities, regulatory bodies, research agencies, embassies, and multilateral and philanthropic organizations.


The vision of the institute is to advance research, leadership and policy direction in African Higher Education landscape

Administration and Governance

The institute is a program area within the School of Graduate Studies, Research and Extension which falls under the Academic and Student Affairs. The overall direction and oversight of the Institute is executed by an external advisory board composed of individuals with great prowess in Higher Education matters. These include Prof. Paul Zeleza, Dr. Kevit Desai and Prof. Michieka Ratemo


  • Governance program for senior leadership organs of Higher Education Institutions
  • Functional programs for middle level managers of Higher Education Institutions
  • Increased capacity of stakeholders involved in developing and implementing competency based program
  • Policy dialogues in Higher Education Institutions
  • A robust research center


    The Institute seeks to create economic and social impact directly on the leaderhip of the more than 1600 universities in Africa. Indirectly the institute will impact student growth, retention and Africa’s development

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