Global Agribusiness Management and Entrepreneurship (GAME) Center

Taking a business approach to agriculture


The Global Agribusiness Management and Entrepreneurship (GAME – Center) is a Research, Training and Consulting center at the United States International University-Africa’s housed at the School of Graduate Studies, Research, and Extension, The center leverages on the university faculty diversity, highly skilled staff in Projects Management, specialized agriculture consultants and trained Senior and Graduate student research assistants to deliver a wide range of services targeted at the Agriculture sector in Eastern Africa, the Center partners with Specialized technical consulting firms to guarantee the quality of service and end-user satisfaction.

The area of specialty include Agricultural Markets Research, Value Chain development Studies (analytics and Advisory), Impact Evaluation, Extension Services Advisory, and Capacity building through a Human-Centered Design Agribusiness Training that applies business entrepreneurship rigor to agribusiness, the main aim is to enhance the innovation and analytical skills of change agents in the agribusiness value chain to improve effectiveness, increase productivity and efficiency of National Food Systems.


GAME Center conducts Policy relevant research that provides valuable insights to stakeholders, the type of studies includes, Market Surveys, Impact Evaluations, Value Chain Studies, Food Production, and Consumption behavior studies, Nutrition diversification, and possible pro-poor policy interventions for food security in developing countries, By working with different scholars and experts in their fields, the center can design both qualitative and quantitative studies, conduct large surveys, analyze and present findings that speak to decision-makers at all levels.

Areas of specialty include.
Agriculture Markets Studies.

    • Value Chain studies.
    • Development interventions testing (Randomized Controlled and Factorial Studies).
    • Market surveys.
  • Agriculture Finance Studies
    • Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise finance studies.
    • Smallholder farmer finance.
    • Credit and Insurance markets.
  • Agriculture and Information technology.
    • Blockchain Technology in Agribusiness.
    • Social Media in Agribusiness.

    Capacity building/Training

    Human-Centered Designed Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Training.

    The Center has in place an Agribusiness Certificate course that is continuously being adjusted towards the realization of a Gender-inclusive Human-Centered Designed training targeted at farmer organization leaders, agricultural produce exporters (processors and aggregators), distributors of farm inputs, producers and supplier of agricultural inputs, extension service providers, nutritionists, supervisors of food-related SME’s, NGO staff supporting agribusiness SME’s, agronomists, Farmers and other eligible players in the agricultural value chain.

    The Agribusiness certificate course modules include

    • Agribusiness Simulation
    • Opportunity-based Agripreneurial Mind-set
    • Resource Mobilization and Agribusiness Finance
    • ICT Application in Business
    • Agribusiness Values and Ethics
    • Agribusinesses Formalization and Registration
    • Business Model for Sustainable Agribusiness
    • Agribusiness Growth Plan
    Agribusiness Certificate Training

    Each module is 8 contact hours and involves case studies, group activities, field visits, simulation sessions, and individual projects tailored towards their agribusiness activities. The certificate course concludes with an evaluation of a participant’s learning through the presentation of a bankable business plan.

    By the end of the training, participants can apply their skills and knowledge to manage their agribusiness enterprises. The Center also offers Wrap-around services (technical and networking support) for program alumni.


    Regular (Tier 1, 2 & 3) 10 days per month (1 week per month) 8:30am to 5:00pm USIU-Africa & Farm demonstration site

    Enrollment Options

    1. Self-Sponsored Agribusiness training.

    I. Tier 1: training for start-up agribusinesses that have existed for at least 6 months to 2 years

    II. Tier 2: training for agribusinesses with an annual turnover of between USD 1,000 and USD 6,000

    III. Tier 3: training of select owners, employees & managers of large agribusiness enterprises & agricultural organizations.

    2. Sponsored Mass Agribusiness training.

    I. Special arrangements can be made between a sponsoring entity (Corporations, Agriculture development Partners, Governments, and NGOs), and GAME Center secretariat to develop large scale training deliver to groups in diverse geographical areas, you can contact us for details.


    GAME Center offers all its services for external consulting, this includes.

    • Value Chain and Extension studies and Advisory services.
    • Market Surveys.
    • Impact Evaluation Studies.
    • Corporate Agribusiness Training.
    • Training Modules Development.
    • Training of Agribusiness Trainers.

    Other Services include.

    • Inbuilt help desk support for agribusiness alumni
    • Agribusiness virtual incubation services
    • and mentoring students for agribusiness work placement

    To be a center of excellence for agribusinesses research and development in Sub Saharan Africa.


    To improve management and leadership capacity of agribusiness entrepreneurs and leaders of producer organizations including youth, women, cooperatives, farmers, and farmer associations in Sub Saharan Africa.


    The Global Agribusiness Management and Entrepreneurship Center
    P. O. Box 14634-00800
    Nairobi, Kenya
    Tel: +254 730 116 511 /245

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