Data Analytics Courses 2024

Data Analytics in the current world is crucial in decision making in every industry. Artificial intelligence and machine learning fully relies on data. Data collection and management methods remain important aspects before data is analyzed and interpreted for decision making.

In order to understand data analytics, one must know the types of data and the suitable data analytics software for data management and analysis as expected in the industry. USIU-Africa through the data analytics laboratory offers training on data analytics using Power BI, SPSS, STATA, R and NVIVO.

One may choose to register for data analytics classes depending on the area preference as explained below. The training will be hands on with exercises done in class.

The Courses include:

  • Data Analytics using Power BI
  • Data Management and Analytics using SPSS
  • Qualitative Data Analysis using NVIVO
  • STATA for Beginners
  • STATA for Advanced Level
  • R for Beginners
  • R for Advance Level

For more details, download the brochure below.

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