Mastercard Foundation Scholarship Program e-Learning Initiative Activities

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program eLearning Initiative is a joint effort between USIU-Africa, Arizona State University (ASU) and the Mastercard Foundation through the Center for Innovative Technology and Learning (CITL). The objective of the e-Learning Initiative is to support institutions in the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program network to develop capabilities and resilience to deliver high-quality and inclusive e-learning and related support services so as to enable all students, including those who face additional barriers, to successfully pursue their studies from anywhere.

It aims to strengthen participating institutions’ e-learning resource centers so that they deliver high quality and inclusive e-learning to all their students.

The Initiative will be implemented in two phases. Phase 1: Instructional design and Online pedagogy and Phase 2: Content Management. This program will fulfil its mandate through implementing four e-Learning activities.

eLearning Initiative Activities

E-Learning Ecosystem Design
This activity will be built through a series of facilitated engagements among the university leadership level, the e-learning operations level at each participating institution (African institutions, American University of Beirut (AUB) and EARTH University) and the external stakeholder level including policymakers, accreditors and others critical to the adoption of e-learning across the continent.

Training & Knowledge Mobilization
This activity will provide advanced certification for 100 trainees, who will be faculty and staff nominated by participating institutions. Through training, mentoring, peer networking and content development support, the trainees will become e-Learning champions at their local institutions.

This activity will contribute to establishing governance, inclusion, policy, technology infrastructure, data privacy and systems integration for scale. It will also include guiding the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program network member institutions on the establishment of their e-Learning resource centers, business models and accreditation pursuits.

Monitoring and Evaluation
This activity will focus on assessing and measuring the process and progress of e-learning readiness and adoption at the individual, institutional and national levels, including policy and accreditation. It will be a participatory activity across the network with a particular focus on the process and outcomes of Activity 2 (i.e. Training & Knowledge Mobilization).

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