ZionPearl Publishers launches SheLeads book at USIU-Africa

By Daisy Atino

ZionPearl Publishers in partnership with USIU-Africa recently launched the SheLeads Book Volumes 3 and 4 during an event held at the Rooftop, School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

The launch brought together inspiring women leaders from various backgrounds to share insights and lessons from their leadership experiences and also provided an opportunity for the guests to network, connect, and learn more about the power, contribution, and dynamics of women's leadership.

SheLeads is a project by ZionPearl that is working to enhance women leadership development in Africa through building contextually relevant tools, literature and reference materials drawn from the experiences of successful women leaders, role models and thought leaders who have grown and served within Africa and beyond.

The project aims to address the significant lack of documentation of the exceptional work done by these women despite their impressive contributions. The publishers also believe that the gap affects the enrichment of the narrative and philosophy surrounding women's leadership but also poses a challenge in effectively empowering, guiding, and mentoring the increasing number of women leaders today.

Over 15 authors attended the event where they were each given five minutes to speak on the motivation and process behind their chapters.

Leadership Coach Joan Seurei spoke on introspection; “Learn to coach yourself,” she said.

HR and Organizational Development Consultant Susan Omedi talked about the importance of male allies and how the ecosystem that surrounds an individual’s childhood affects their lives and influences their choices.

Mental health advocate and life coach Vanessa Akiwumi said: “we should invest in our physical, emotional, spiritual, social and mental health because it affects how we perform in life.”

It was a fun filled event that allowed young women and men to learn from the authors on leadership, self-improvement and growth.

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