The USIU-Africa library to hold Discover Your Library Day every Thursday

By Fredrick Adika and Azenath Ateka

The USIU-Africa Library boasts volumes and volumes of information resources presented in a variety of formats. Most of these resources are in the traditional print which continues to be overtaken in number by the growing electronic and online formats. These information materials cut across the disciplines on offer in our campus to related disciplines and general readers like novels and biographies.

It is a fact that when information is in large amounts finding what is needed requires time and skill. Discover Your Library Day is an opportunity for USIU-Africa students and faculty to interact with library staff at an individual level. It is expected that this interaction will lead to an acquisition of skills that enable the discovery of information in a fast and easy manner. It is our endeavor that all members of the university community are sufficiently equipped to:

  • Access resources easily on-campus and off-campus,
  • Recognize their information needs and know where to find the needed information,
  • Perform literature searches for assignments, theses, research papers and more,
  • Discover quality information resources on the internet,
  • Evaluate sources of information for credibility and authenticity, and to
  • Avoid plagiarism through proper paraphrasing, citation and referencing.

To develop and foster these skills, we invite each student, each faculty member to this desk at the Library Lobby every Thursday this semester. The library team says it is ready, available and excited to present to each and every one:

  • Dedicated assistance with finding the resources they need, ensuring an exciting research experience
  • Tips and strategies for navigating the vast sea of information available via the library and across the web
  • Personalized support for students, whether it's refining their research topics, understanding database functionalities, or clarifying citation and referencing.
  • VPN installation and provide training on optimizing this tool for a seamless information finding learning experience.

The weekly library discovery day commenced on Thursday, January 25, all students and faculty are encouraged to participate and make the most of this enriching opportunity.

Also, we are available to come to your desk, just send an email

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