Legal Digest - Fall 2023


This edition of the quarterly Legal Digest highlights significant legislative changes in the finance and healthcare sectors, as discussed in the Acts of Parliament section. Some of the notable acts discussed include the Finance Act 2023, which brings about various adjustments to Kenya’s tax regime, the Public Finance Management Act, which introduces a new borrowing threshold, and the Privatisation Act 2023, which amends the regulatory framework for public entity privatisation, among others. Additionally, the Section features the four Health Acts which were recently assented to and whose aim is the promotion of Universal Health Coverage.

The section on Bills features among others, the education sector, the environmental sector, and the employment sector. Some of the highlighted bills include the Kenya Sign Language Bill 2023 which seeks to advance the use of the Kenyan Sign Language in various settings including schools, workplaces, and court rooms, the Higher Education Loans Board (Amendment) Bill 2023 which seeks to introduce some changes to the Principal Act, the Insolvency (Amendment) Bill 2023 which aims to introduced a fast-tracked administration process for Insolvency cases, the Environment and Land Act (Amendment) Bill 2023 which seeks to enhance the effectiveness of the Environment and Land Court, and the Public Holidays (Amendment) Bill 2023.

The courts segment analyses evolving jurisprudence relating to data protection, land title matters, non-discrimination of sexual minorities, employment matters, and matrimonial affairs. These analyses span across both national and international perspectives. Lastly, the Fun Fact section highlights intriguing and noteworthy facts.

The aspects highlighted in this issue represent just a fraction of the legislative changes, developments, and legal insights which speak to and offer guidance on various areas of the law. It is our hope that you find this issue of the Digest informative and beneficial.

We would appreciate your feedback on this issue and previous issues of the Digest, as we continue our mission to disseminate local and global legal developments.
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