The Criminal Justice club visit the US Embassy in Nairobi

By Mercy Tania

Members of the Criminal Justice club went on a life-changing trip to the US Embassy in Nairobi in an attempt to deepen their knowledge of international law and the justice systems around the world. This visit served as more than just a trip; it opened the members to the complex mechanisms of international justice.

The Embassy was filled with enthusiasm as the club members interacted with the staff and distinguished speakers. Kemunto Julie, a renowned lawyer and a lecturer of law at Kabarak Law School whose transition from Kenya to the United States was made possible when she was granted a scholarship by the Embassy, was one of the people in attendance. Her story was one of resilience, inspiration, and the transformational potential of education. The students found great inspiration from Julie's story, which provided a practical illustration of how opportunities, especially pursing educational can mold and reshape a person's path in the pursuit of justice. Her presence gave the club members a sense of purpose and ambition by illuminating the opportunities that awaited those who were passionate about criminal justice.

Additionally, the members benefited greatly from the insightful and experienced participation of Deputy Officer Commanding Station (OCS) Inspector Abubakar, whose knowledge of law enforcement in Kenya was practical. His anecdotes and first-hand stories bridged the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application by providing a vivid picture of the difficulties and victories faced in the field of criminal justice, especially from a police officer’s perspective.

The students also had an opportunity to hear from Patricia Wakushama, who is an alumna. Her distinction as one of the first people to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from USIU-Africa gave her a special viewpoint and her transition from student to practitioner was a source of inspiration. Her advice and mentoring gave the conversation a more intimate feel and promoted a culture of growth and learning among all participants.

The exchange of ideas among the club members, the Embassy staff, and the distinguished speakers went beyond national boundaries, highlighting the fact that the pursuit of justice is an international endeavor. The sharing of concepts, insights, and knowledge was more than just academic; it also served as a spark for intellectual and personal growth.

The club members left the Embassy with a deeper understanding of the global interconnectivity of justice systems in addition to newfound insights into international law and law enforcement.

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