The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program Transitions Office hosts information session with Sciences Po University

By Silas Ooko
Last Friday, the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program Transitions Office hosted Ms. Cynthia Asimbi, the East Africa Manager of Sciences Po University to an information session that detailed the graduate opportunities available at the university. The session, which was attended by 38 Scholars from Cohorts 1-7.

During the session, Ms. Asimbi shared insights into several key areas, including the array of Graduate programs available at Sciences Po. She also shed light on the graduate admission requirements, the application process, key timelines, eligibility criteria, scholarships and other forms of financial aid that were available to students to support their educational endeavors.

Cynthia's personal journey as a Scholar at Sciences Po added a unique dimension to the session. Her own experiences navigating the academic landscape proved invaluable to the Scholars, who were interested in learning more about the various opportunities that were available to them at the University. Additionally, she also shared more insights from her previous role as a Program Coordinator at the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at Sciences Po, which allowed her to support more than 100 African students on their academic journeys and post-university transitions.

Cynthia's passion for Africa's education sector and her unwavering commitment to empowering its youth was evident through her session. She reinforced the notion that success is attainable through dedicated effort and hard work. In closing, she encouraged all attendees to pursue their aspirations with resolute determination, stressing the importance of exploring various scholarship opportunities and strongly recommended Sciences Po for its wealth of resources and support for its students.

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