Alumni spotlight: Susan Muriuki, Founder, Consulate Magazine

By the USIU-Africa Library Team
Photo: Susan Muriuki

Susan Muriuki (Class of 2019) is the founder of Consulate Magazine, the first publication of its kind in Kenya to offer an analysis of current international affairs. The magazine focuses mainly on topics within the International Relations field.

Susan holds a Bachelor of Arts (Cum Laude) in International Relations with a concentration in Diplomacy and Foreign Policy from USIU-Africa. After her graduation, she went ahead to pursue a course in Spanish Language and Literature from the University of Santiago De Compostela in Spain. On her arrival back from Spain, she decided to turn her passion for writing into a profitable venture, and established Susan & Brothers, a media startup in May of 2021.

Susan presents the first issue of the magazine to Ambassador Erasmo Martinez from the Mexican Embassy in Kenya. Photo: Susan Muriuki

The company has registered immense growth since its establishment. Its first four publications have been published in collaboration with embassies stationed in Kenya, including the Embassies of Mexico, Poland, Thailand and Argentina. By working with these embassies, the magazine has been able to provide a platform for them to showcase and also discuss the bilateral relations between Kenya and these countries. The magazine welcomes writers especially from the field of International Relations to contribute their opinions on current international affairs. It is also a good read for students within the same discipline. The magazine is available on Press Reader or on, with plans to have physical copies currently underway.

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