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The United States International University – Africa is equipped with a robust ICT Infrastructure that is fully and effectively utilized campus wide by students, faculty and staff. The University has established the Directorate of e-Learning to give direction for rapid technology adoption for teaching and learning both locally and remotely. The establishment of the e-Learning Directorate comes at a time when USIU-Africa is experiencing significant growth in terms of student numbers with a representation of more than seventy three countries worldwide. This establishment is in alignment with the current USIU-Africa strategic plan which emphasizes the need to expand, maintain and optimize use of physical facilities and technology to enable the University to increase visibility and enhance quality of its services. The e-Learning Directorate has the following goals: -

  • 1.To widen access to USIU-Africa’s academic programs.

  • 2.To create innovative and flexible course materials and contemporary delivery methods using technology.

  • 3. To collaborate with other experts locally and globally to offer innovative courses that are market driven.

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