Wholesale and Retail of Chicken and Chicken Products

In August 2010 Anna Mbaria opened her first chicken supply shop. ?I thought there was something missing in the market. I thought I would do chicken alone.? She started with a stock of chicken worth 10,000 shillings that she had bought from a Kenchic distributor, and within two days her stock had run out. Her business started with a table, a butcher?s knife, a fridge and weighing machine. read more

Agrovet and Medical Supplies

Ben David Mahiu and his wife Elizabeth are trained veterinarians and started their Agrovet business is 1996 in Thika town. The Mahiu?s also run a medical and laboratory equipment supplies as an extra business. For 16 years, they have run the Agrovet but the fluctuating market prices and middlemen undercutting clientele; Mahiu?s business has run on fits and starts. read more


Joseph Kioi has been running his Agrovet for 5 years, but has been in the business for 17 years. He started off by running an Agrovet for a banker after being retrenched from government. By the time he handed over the Agrovet to its owner, the business had acquired Lorries, personal vehicles and other huge assets. He wanted an Agrovet of his own. read more

Agrovet & Veterinary services

Geoffrey Ndung?u started his career in Agribusiness as an assistant to a veterinarian in 2007 after completing college. After a year, the veterinarian sold Ndung?u his Agrovet in Kahuho for a stock of 15,000 shillings and assets worth 20,000 shillings. And at just 21 years of age Ndung?u was in business. read more

Dry food processing; mushroom, collard greens, chilli & spinach

Three years ago as Irene Wainaina was recovering from a long illness; she was living with her parent?s and needed a source of income. She decided to sell mushrooms since she had been told of its golden returns. read more

Farmer of Vegetables and Fruits

In August 2008 Nancy Kimata started farming in her 7.5 acre farm after running two botched businesses; wholesale items supply to hawkers and a taxi business. read more

Fish Farming

When John Njoroge retired from the civil service, he was looking for a place to relax. He would have friends over on the weekend for barbeque on one of his farms, and would mostly prepare red meat. He later started a few fish ponds and would have friends over to enjoy tilapia from his fish farm. read more

Food Processing Plant

In 1988 Frederick Kiilu started Kamumo Products as a business partnership with four friends, 3 of whom have since passed on. For over two decades Fredrick produced tomato and chili sauce that he sold in Machakos and other neighboring counties. read more

Green Grocer

Cosmas Karani has a degree in Commerce with a marketing concentration. After graduation he ran a farm in Kabaru and a green house in Kitengela, where he would grow and sell vegetables. read more

Seedling Propagation

Lister Kinuthia started with a Green house in 2008 with 150,000 shillings from friends and family. She planted and sold capsicum and tomatoes though she had a problem getting seedlings and agronomists. read more


Joan Mwaura?s dream of running her own mill came true in October 2007. Mwaura?s initial cereal, maize, was ground in two grades of flour; refined and non-refined. read more

Poultry Farming and Seller

Charity Wangui is a trained IT professional who worked for telecommunication giant, Ericsson. But all the work travel and running a young family took a toll on Wangui and she opted to try a hand at something different that offered a better work ? family balance. read more

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