The United States International University Alumni Association is in the process of developing chapters and constituent groups to be located in various locations around the globe to help keep alumni and friends engaged and involved in the life of USIU-Africa.

The Alumni Association provides quality programs and services to alumni members and acts as a resource for extending the University’s presence worldwide. Chapters help to foster a sense of community – both on and off campus – by cultivating lasting relationships and enriching positive support and loyalty to United States International University-Africa.

Each and every chapter will strive to incorporate five major principles into their organization:

  • Service: Chapters will make a positive impact on their community by doing community service projects.
  • Student Recruitment: From time to time, chapters will be asked to serve as admissions representatives in their area. This is a great place for alumni to meet the next generation of USIU-Africa and to share their experiences with them. Making that personal connection truly makes a difference.
  • Scholarships: Our chapters will assist in raising money to provide scholarships for students who wish to attend United States International University.
  • Social: Chapters will often hold social functions to help our alumni stay in touch with fellow alumni in their area. This is a great way to relive the past, network with fellow alumni or just catch up on what is happening in the University.
  • Mentoring/Career Networking: The USIU-Africa Alumni Association and its members offer advice, guidance and support to other alumni and students. In addition, many chapters are developing networking opportunities for new grads and fellow alumni.

Select from the chapter list below to find out more information about your local chapter. In addition to our chapter presence, we also have our USIU Ambassador program and various constituent groups

Contact the Head of Alumni Affairs at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in forming and leading a chapter.