With a strong emphasis on both theory and practical skills, the Bachelor of Arts in Film and Production and Directing seeks to create film professionals who are well versed in the aesthetics and technical aspects of film production and directing. The program aims at helping Kenya and other African countries meet the local media content demand that has been created by the exponential growth of the media industry in the continent.
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Degree Requirements                                                            123 units

General Education Requirements                                      39 units

MAJOR           66 UNITS



FLA 1005   History of Film & Video
FLA 1010   Fundamentals of Photography & Cinematography
FLA 1015   Fundamental of Scripting
FLA 1020   Film and video production fundamentals
SND 1005  History &Theory of Sound for Film & Video
FLA 1030   Fundamentals of Film Editing
FLA 1035   Introduction to production Design and Art Directing
FLA 1040   Camera Operation Techniques and Aesthetics
CIN 2005   Visual production design                                                      
FLA 2010   The Business of Film, Culture and Society                            
FLA 2015   Fundamentals of film directing                                             
SND 2010  Sound Physics                                                                      
SND 2015  Sound Design and Aesthetics                                               
FLA 2020   Principles of Writing for Dramatic and Factual Production          
FLA 2025   World Approaches to Film                                                         
FLA 2030   Entertainment Law & Ethics of Film Production & Directing     
FLA 2035   Film Theory and Criticism                                                                                      


SND 3005 Sound Mixing
SND 3010 Sound Script Analysis and Project                                
PRD 3005 The Art of the Pitch                                                                  
PRD 4010 Producing From Green Light to Completion OR                      
PRD 4015 Internship in Producing From Green Light to Completion         



SCR 3005 Screen writing Characters & Genres
SCR 3010 Writing for the short film
SCR 3015 Writing for Television Drama
SCR 4005 Feature Film Writing
SCR 4010 Script Analysis and Project for Scripting


DIR 3005 Art Direction and Production Design
DIR 3010 Directing Actors
DIR 3015 Location and Studio Directing
DIR 4005 Directing the Master Scene
DIR 4010 Script Analysis and Project for Directing


CIN 3005 Advanced Color theory and color timing for Cinematography
CIN 3010 Shooting the Master Scene
CIN 3015 Visual Effects and Green Screen Cinematography
CIN 4005 Studio production
CIN 4010 Script Analysis and Project for Cinematography


EDT 3005 Sound and VFX for Film and Video
EDT 3010 Advanced Color Theory and color Timing for Editing
EDT 3015 After Effects
EDT 4005 Editing the Narrative
EDT 4010 Sound Design for the final mix and Project

Career Options

  • Directors
  • Producers
  • Editors
  • Art Directors
  • Sound Engineers
  • Cinematographers


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