The Bachelor of Arts in Animation program is targeted at students with a passion for visual arts, drawing and storytelling, encouraging them to innovate, experiment, imagine, and create, with the goal of creating animation work that stands out in the global industry. The program’s curriculum is targeted at incorporates a theoretical, multi-cultural and critical approach to the development and research of digital art forms as well as creation of original content for TV, film, advertising and other media. 
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  1. Describe the history and development of animation
  2. Script animation stories for different media genres and platforms
  3. Pitch ideas and sell stories to clients operating on different multimedia platforms
  4. Apply professional management skill in animation projects.
  5. Develop characters capable of acting and speaking using 2D and 3D software.
  6. Use a variety of software packages for animation
  7. Appropriately apply technical and aesthetical applications of visual and sound effects in animation.

Degree Requirements  123 units

General Education Requirements    39 units



ANM 1010 History of Film Animation                                                                                                                    

ANM1020   Fundamentals of Animation                                                                                                                

ANM1030   Introduction to Drawing                                                                                                                      

ANM 1040 Character Design                                                                                                                                        

ANM 1050 Cinema and Television Equipment Workshop                                       

ANM 1060 Illustration and Environment Design                                                                                    

ANM 1070 The Art of the Storyboard and Animatic Design                                    

ANM 2010 Fundamentals of Scripting for Animation                                                             

ANM 2020 Introduction to 2D and 3D Animation                                                                   

ANM 2040 Acting for Animators                                                                                                                                     

ANM 2050 Camera Language and Cinematography                                                              

ANM 2060 Storyboarding and the Script                                                                                                              

ANM 2070 Theoretical Perspectives in Film and Animation                                    

ANM 2080 Composition and Sound Design for Animation                                     

ANM 2090 Theories of Popular Media and Art                                                                            


ANM 3000 Fundamentals of Compositing                                                                                             

ANM 3020 Digital Effects for Film and Television                                                                   

ANM 3040 3D Modeling & Design Methods                                                                                          

ANM 3060 Advanced 2D Computer Animation                                                                                     

ANM 3080 Aesthetics of the African Story                                                                                            

ANM 4000 Law & Ethics in the Animation Business                                                              

ANM 4010 Character Rigging                                                                                                                                       

ANM 4020 3D Environment and Effects                                                                                                               

ANM 4030 Advanced 3D Animation                                                                                                                     

ANM 4040 The Business of Animation Content                                                                                    

ANM 4050 Advanced Scripting for Animation and Production                                

ANM 4060 Senior Project and Portfolio Development                                                             

ANM 4070 Internship                                                                                                                                            


  • Presentation Specialist,
  • Advertisers
  • Videographers
  • Video Editor
  • Photography and Video Production Artists