Program Description

The USIU-Africa Pharmacy program is designed for students who wish to pursue careers in different pharmacy practice settings, management and research. In particular, both the industrial and hospital arms of our program have been so enhanced as to bring out the best of knowledge, skills, ethics, values, style and success in our graduates. The program focuses on the development, application and effective management of Pharmaceutical technology as a fundamental tool of modern healthcare. This is why USIU-Africa has invested heavily in the best equipped laboratories and library of any pharmacy program in the region.

Degree Requirements                                                                                                             342.5 UNITS

general education                                                                                                                   39 UNITS

SIGNATURE COURSES                                                                                                        12 UNITS

STRATEGIES FOR UNIVERSITY SUCCESS                                                                         3 UNITS

SUS 1010        Strategies for University Success

Research methods                                                                                                                 3 Units

GRM 2000      Introduction to Research Methods

COMMUNITY SERVICE OR COMMUNITY PROJECT                                                          3 UNITS

CMS 3700       Community Service

THE SENIOR EXPERIENCE                                                                                                    3 UNITS

SEN 4800        Integrated Senior Seminar

language studies                                                                                                                    12 UNITS


english                                                                                                                                      6 units

ENG 1106       Composition I (WI)

ENG 2206       Composition II (WI)

foreign LANGUAGE                                                                                                                 6 UNITS

Students must have credit for a foreign language or must take up to a two-course foreign language sequence of one language.

USIU-Africa offers courses in Arabic, French, Japanese, Spanish, Swahili and Chinese.

DISCIPLINARY GENERAL EDUCATION ELECTIVES                                                        15 UNITS               

IST 1010         Introduction to Information Systems

MTH 1109       College Algebra

SCHOOL-BASED GENERAL EDUCATION ELECTIVES                                                      9 UNITS


ENV 2001      Sustainable Resource Management



SOC 2201      Introduction to Sociology


ENT  1010      Introduction to Entrepreneurship

BUS 4090      Strategic Management

Major                                                                                                                                    303.5 Units

Pre-Clinical Core Courses                                                                                                     133.5 Units

BCM 1341 Biochemistry I (Cellular Biology)                                                                          3 Units

BCM 1342 Biochemistry II (Biochemistry of Biomolecules)                                                  4.5 Units

BCM 1343 Biochemistry III (Metabolic Processes & Disorders)                                            4.5 Units

BCM 2344 Biochemistry IV (Enzymology)                                                                              4.5 Units

BCM 2345 Biochemistry V (Biochemistry of Specialized Tissues)                                         3 Units

BCM 2346 Biochemistry VI (Molecular Biology)                                                                     3 Units

BCM 3347 Biochemistry VII (Introduction to Pharmaceutical Biotechnology)                        3 Units

BOT 3352   Botany I (General Plant Biochemistry and Toxicology)                                        3 Units

BOT3353    Botany II (Plant Anatomy and Physiology)                                                           4.5 Units

CHE1305    Inorganic Chemistry I (Basic Inorganic Chemistry)                                              4.5 Units

CHE1306    Inorganic Chemistry II (Atomic Structure and Chemical Bonding)                       3 Units

CHE 2304   Chromatographic Methods                                                                                  4.5 Units

CHE 2307 Physical Chemistry I (Introduction to Physical Chemistry)                                     4.5 Units

CHE 2308   Physical Chemistry II (Nuclear Chemistry)                                                            3 Units

CHE 2305   Organic Chemistry I (Introduction to Organic Chemistry)                                     4.5 Units

CHE 2306   Organic Chemistry II (Synthetic Methods in Organic Chemistry)                          3 Units

HAN 1321 Human Anatomy I (Upper & Lower Limb, Basic Histology & Embryology)             4.5 Units

HAN 1332 Human Anatomy II (Trunk, Systemic Histology & Embryology)                               4.5 Units

HAN 1323 Human Anatomy III (Head, Neck & Neuroanatomy)                                                4.5 Units

MIC   2361 Microbiology I (Bacteriology and Mycology)                                                          4.5 Units

MIC   2363 Microbiology II (Parasitology and Entomology)                                                      4.5 Units

MIC 2364    Microbiology III (Virology and Immunology)                                                           3 Units

NSC 2215 Introduction to Mechanics                                                                                       3 Units

PAT   3371 Pathology I (General Pathology)                                                                             3 Units

PAT   3372 Pathology II (Haematology)                                                                                    4.5 Units

PAT   3373 Pathology III (Clinical Chemistry)                                                                            4.5 Units

PHY   1331  Human Physiology I (Introduction to Medical Physiology)                                   3 Units

PHY   1332 Human Physiology II (Sensory & muscle physiology)                                            4.5 Units

PHY   1333 Human Physiology III (GIT & Respiratory system)                                                  4.5 Units

PHY   2334 Human Physiology IV (Cardiovascular & Renal Physiology)                                   4.5 Units

PHY   2335 Human Physiology V (Reproductive & endocrine systems)                                    3 Units

PHY   2336 Human Physiology VI (Sensory & nervous systems)                                               4.5 Units

HSC  2391 Health Sciences I (Health Economics)                                                                     3 Units

HSC 3492   Health Sciences II (Law and Ethics in Research)                                                    3 Units

HSC  4493 Health Sciences III (Research Methods & Biostatistics)                                          3 Units

Clinical Core Courses                                                                                                               170 UNITS

PHM 3401   Analytical Chemistry I (Introduction to Analytical Chemistry)                                3 Units

PHM 3402   Analytical Chemistry II (Instrumental Methods of Analysis)                                   3 Units

PHM 3404   Medicinal Chemistry I (Drug Discovery and Development)                                   4.5 Units

PHM 3405   Medicinal Chemistry II (Medicinal Chemistry of Pharmacodynamics Drugs)        3 Units

PHM 3411   Pharmaceutics I (Introduction to Pharmacy Practice)                                           3 Units

PHM 3412   Pharmaceutics II (Biopharmaceutics)                                                                    3 Units

PHM 3413   Pharmaceutics III (Physical Pharmaceutics)                                                          4.5 Units

PHM 3451   Pharmacognosy I (General Pharmacognosy)                                                        4.5 Units

PHM 3471   Pharmacology I (Basic Pharmacology and Toxicology)                                          3 Units

PHM 3472   Pharmacology II (Anti-Infective Drugs)                                                                   3 Units

PHM 3473   Pharmacology III (Respiratory & Gastrointestinal Pharmacology)                          4.5 Units

PHM 3481   Clinical Pharmacy I (Introduction to Clinical Pharmacy)                                          3 Units

PHM 3483   Clinical Pharmacy II (Respiratory & Gastrointestinal Disorders)                              3 Units

PHM 3485   Clinical Pharmacy III (Clinical Management of Bacterial & Viral Diseases)              3 Units

PHM 3486   Clinical Pharmacy IV (Clinical Management of Fungal, Parasitic & Protozoan Diseases)     4.5 Units

PHM 4405   Pharmaceutical Chemistry I (Classification, Activities and Assays)                                      4.5 Units

PHM 4406   Pharmaceutical Chemistry II (Discovery & Development of Chemotherapeutic Agents)      3 Units

PHM 4414   Pharmaceutics IV (Unit Operations)                                                                                      4.5 Units

PHM 4415   Pharmaceutics V (Powder Technology)                                                                                 3 Units

PHM 4416   Pharmaceutics VI (Dispensing and Pharmacy Practice)                                                       4.5 Units

PHM 4425   Pharmaceutical Analysis I (Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Drugs)                         4.5 Units

PHM 4426   Pharmaceutical Analysis II (Operations in Quality Control Laboratory)                                6 Units

PHM 4453   Pharmacognosy II (Fundamentals of Phytochemistry)                                                         3 Units

PHM 4454   Pharmacognosy III (Elements of other Natural Product Therapeutics)                                3 Units

PHM 4474   Pharmacology IV (Cardiovascular and Renal Pharmacology)                                             4.5 Units

PHM 4475   Pharmacology V (Endocrine and Reproductive Pharmacology)                                         4.5 Units

PHM 4476   Pharmacology VI (Nervous and Musculoskeletal Pharmacology)                                      4.5 Units

PHM 4484   Clinical Pharmacy V (Cardiovascular and Renal Disorders)                                               3 Units

PHM 4485   Clinical Pharmacy VI (Endocrine and Reproductive System Disorders)                            4.5 Units

PHM  4486 Clinical Pharmacy VII (Nervous and Musculoskeletal Disorders)                                        4.5 Units

PHM 4492   Introduction to Social and Behavioral Pharmacy                                                               3 Units

PHM 4493   Applied Social and Behavioral Pharmacy                                                                          3 Units

PHM 5477   Pharmacology VII (Cancer, Ocular and Skin Pharmacology)                                             3 Units

PHM 5478   Pharmacology VIII (Veterinary Pharmacology)                                                                   3 Units

PHM 5407   Pharmaceutical Analysis III (Pharmaceutical Quality Control) 3 Units

PHM 5417   Pharmaceutics VII (Dosage Forms)                                                                                   4.5 Units

PHM 5418   Pharmaceutics VIII (Pharmaceutical Microbiology)                                                          4.5 Units

PHM 5487   Clinical Pharmacy VIII (Neoplastic Disorders)                                                                  4.5 Units

PHM 5488   Clinical Pharmacy IX (Ocular, Ear and Skin Disorders)                                                    4.5 Units

PHM 5492   Pharmaceutical Marketing Management                                                                         3 Units

PHM 5493   Pharmacy Management                                                                                                   3 Units

PHM 5494   Elective Industrial & Hospital Attachment                                                                        8 Units

PHM 5495   Research Project and Thesis                                                                                           6 Units

PHM 5496   Pharmacy, Law & Ethics                                                                                                   3 Units

  • Pharmacy Operations and Management
  • Medical drugs supply chain operations
  • Pharmaceutical regulatory agencies
  • Long-term care
  • Home infusion and chemotherapy
  • Managed care pharmacy
  • Health research organizations
  • Academic Pharmacy
  • Applicants must have obtained a minimum average weight of B- provided that NO subject in this cluster shall have a grade below C+

    Option A


    Option B

    Biological Sciences
    Physical Sciences


    For A level graduates, a minimum of two (2) Principal passes (C) in Biology and chemistry and a subsidiary pass (or credit pass at O’level) in Physics or Mathematics


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