The USIU-Africa Bachelor of Science in Epidemiology and Biostatistics program is based on two basic and seamlessly integrated sciences of public health. The program promotes the development, application and teaching of descriptive and analytic approaches used to understand the increasingly complex causes, distribution and determinants of major local, national, regional and global public health problems.
At the same time, the program develops, applies and teaches theories and methods in the design of biological, biomedical and health-related studies and in collection, analysis and interpretation of data to inform and support the descriptive and analytic approaches that can be used to prevent and control diseases as well as promote public health.
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Program learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the program, the students will be able to:
  1. Use epidemiologic knowledge to respond to a variety of practical situations that impact on public health              
  2. Employ bio statistical methods to conduct basic life science research
  3. Analyze the appropriateness of existing laws and ethics in assuring population public health
  4. Interpret research results of statistical analyses in public health
  5. Use relevant statistical software to organize, analyze, and report on life science research data
  6. Develop a plan for data management and analysis using appropriate statistical techniques

Degree Requirements 194 units

General Education                    39 Units

Major                                        155 Units

Selected School Courses                       48.5 Units

Lower Division Courses                    16.5 Units

HSC 1330     Calculus for Health Sciences

HSC 1394     Introduction to Global Health

NSC 2205     Human Physiology

MIC 2360      Introduction to Microbiology & Parasitology

HSC 2391     Principles of Health Economics

Upper Division Courses                    32 Units

BUS 4090      Strategic Management

ENT 4005     Entrepreneurial Behavior and Ethics

HSC 3395     Environmental & Occupational Health

HSC 3492     Law & Bioethics in Research

HSC 4010     Sociology for Health Sciences

HSC 4494     Practicum & Attachment

HSC 4495     Project Planning & Proposal Development

HSC 4496     Research Methods in Health Sciences

PHM 4510    Fundamentals of Pharmacometrics

Public Health & Epidemiology Courses 40.5 Units

Lower Division Courses                    15 Units

EPI 1000       Introduction to Epidemiology

EPI 1010       Epidemiology of Diseases

EPI 2010       Nutritional Epidemiology              

PHT 2010     Disease Prevention & Health Promotion

PHT 2020     Control & Prevention of Infectious Diseases 

Upper Division Courses                    25.5 Units

EPI 3010      Advanced Epidemiology               

EPI 4010      Exposure Assessment in Epidemiology

EPI 4020      Genetic & Molecular Epidemiology

EPI 4030      Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety

HSC 4396     Fundamentals of Global Health

PHT 3010     Contemporary Community Health Issues

PHT 4010     Public Health Epidemiology

PHT 4020     Monitoring & Evaluation of Health Programs

Biostatistics and Data Analysis            66 Units

Lower Division Courses                    15 Units

BST 1010      Introduction to Biostatistics

BST 1020      Introduction to Statistical Computing

BST 2010      Probability &Statistical Inference

IST   2230      Introduction to Computer Fundamentals & Programming

Upper Division Courses                    51 Units

DAN  3010    Multivariate Methods/ Analysis

DAN  3020    Data Mining

BST   3010    Regression Modelling

BST   3020    Demographic Techniques              

DAN  4010    Design & Management of Clinical Trials

DAN 4015    Longitudinal Data Analysis            

BST   4010    Research Project

BST   4030    Spatial Statistics and Disease Mapping

BST   4050    Bio statistical Consultancy             

DAN  4020    Survival Data Analysis

DAN  4030    Time Series Analysis

BST   4020    Mathematical Modelling of Infectious Diseases 

BST   4040    Statistical Genetics

BST   4060    Principles of Bioinformatics

Admission Requirements

Career Options

  • Biostatisticians/statistical analysts
  • Epidemiologists
  • Researchers
  • Lecturers
  • Health Data Managers
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Officers
  • Independent Consultants


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