Researchers in many middle and lower income countries, face the same pressure to publish as their colleagues in developed countries but often, they don’t have access to the resources, information, training and support networks that are common in high-income countries.

AUTHORAID is a global network supporting researchers in lower and middle income countries to publish and communicate their work. This is accomplished through; free online training in research and proposal writing; Mentoring; Networking and collaboration; Funding for workshops and travel; Embedding research and proposal writing within institutions; Addressing gender inequalities in academic institutions; and Online Training.

AuthorAID also offers free 6-week open online courses in research and proposal writing, hosted on the free open source learning platform - Moodle. They are interactive and moderated in peer review exercises and discussion forums. The training covers: Literature Review; Publishing Ethics; Writing your Papers & How to Write a Grant Proposal.

Mentoring and Collaboration

AuthorAID aims to support early researchers to find mentors who can help them progress in their career. The mentoring system pairs experienced mentors with researchers who need help at any stage of their writing. The mentoring relationship can be short or long term. The mentoring portal is used to find fellow researchers interested in collaborating on a research project.

Capacity Building: Embedding Research Writing

AuthorAID aims to embed research writing and proposal writing skills in institutions so as to develop a sustainable institutional writing program and support network. Key elements include: Capacity development; Training local trainers; Developing and implementing successful writing clubs; Creating institutional mentoring support; Online course coordination and facilitation skills to aid distance learning; Creating a plan for long-term sustainability; and Grants and Resources

AuthorAID offers small grants twice yearly to researchers in lower and middle income countries, which include Travel grants (provide early career researchers a chance to present their research at international conferences and network with other researchers), and workshop grants (which provide opportunities for experienced researchers to hold training in research writing in their own institutions).

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