Business is evolving more rapidly than ever before. The challenges are more complex, the stakes higher, and the players are increasingly global. The only constant today is change and USIU-Africa Chandaria School of Business prepares its students not just to navigate change, but to use it to create new opportunities.

MOD is a one year program for middle and senior managers who want to deepen their understanding of the most complex management issues facing leaders worldwide. The program targets students with work experience background from local and international NGOs, public and private educational institutions, health institutions, faith-based organizations and community based organizations.

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The program’s comprehensive curriculum builds the foundation necessary for success in any field and the cluster system encourages students to learn not only with, but from their peers in different fields of professional practice.

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Courses at Chandaria School of Business are taught by the school’s full time faculty, thought leaders whose research is transforming the way business is conducted across the world.

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