School of Science and Technology launches its fourth program, Master of Science in Information Security (MSc. ISEC)

By Dr. Patrick Wamuyu

Information technology has become critical to industry, government, and individual well-being. Securing these vital services and structures and the availability of trustworthy information whenever and wherever it is required, has become both an area of intensive research and also of burgeoning commercial activity.

In keeping with the University’s mission to provide students with a world class education to take them places, the School has introduced the Master of Science in Information Security (MSc. ISEC) program whose objective is to prepare Graduates for the intellectual, analytical and practical challenges of a career in Information Security.

The two-year program is product of technical collaboration with leading industry partners in the region and will be supported by leading international faculty who are experts in this field. The program is designed to work together with industry experts, and the curriculum is informed and audited by the industry.

The program will be delivered through face to face and online mode of instruction and will cover units such as software security, network security, risk management, malware analysis, cryptography, fraud detection, auditing and the study of how security should be managed. Security experts will learn about the technical, legal and commercial aspects of the industry and have the chance to complete a supervised dissertation on a topic of their choice.

The program will be hosted in the Department of Computer sciences that offers excellent facilities for students, with modern lecture halls, study rooms, library, Innovation and Incubation Center, and computer labs.

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