APT and IST students meet Black Googlers Network

The visiting team from Google engage with APT and IST students.PHOTO: Ernest A.Mwanzi

By Dr. Patrick Wamuyu and Taigu Muchiri

On Tuesday, May 21, 2019, a team from Google visited USIU-Africa as part of the new Google initiative called Black Googler Network whose main focus is to empower the black community within Google and beyond. In order to achieve this, Googlers from all around the world devote their time to make trips to various communities with an aim of providing professional development and mentorship programs. The team was drawn from Google’s different offices such us Dublin, London, South-Africa and other location and were joined by students mainly from the APT and IST majors.

The Googler team started gave a brief background of the Black Googler Network and explained how they are helping Black communities from around the world. The moderator engaged the panel of speakers during a questions and answer session where the team from Google explained to the students the benefits of working with Google and how the students could get an opportunity to work with one of the biggest IT companies in the world. The students got very insightful answers from the panelists and they were given an opportunity to ask more questions that related to their personal advancement as they continued with their studies at USIU-Africa.

As the question and answer session came to an end, the Googlers formed focus groups with the students to network and share with them on other important aspects such as CV writing and career building.

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