Dr. Were Lincoln L. Munyendo

Chair, Department of Industrial & Analytical Chemistry

Email: lmunyendo@usiu.ac.ke | Telephone: +254 730 116 810


Dr. Were L. L. Munyendo (Ph.D.) is an Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics at the School of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, United States International University – Africa Dr. Munyendo earned his PhD. in Pharmaceutics at China Pharmaceuticals University, Nanjing PRC. in the year 2013. All along he has been involved in Natural Products Research with enthusiasm of exploring Phytochemicals and Mycochemicals as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. Through various Research grants he has won from World Bank Group, Campus France (PHC) program and the VLIR-OUS Flemish Interuniversity Council he is actively researching and well published in peer refereed journals. He is a supervisor of a PhD thesis and 5 MSc theses, as at the moment he has supervised to graduation over 6 M.Sc. students and several Undergraduates. At the university level he has held administrative offices including Coordinator for Postgraduate Studies and currently Dr. Munyendo is the Chairman, Department of Industrial & Analytical Pharmacy.

Academic Degrees;

PhD in Pharmaceutics

M.Sc. Medicinal Chemistry

B.Sc. (Hons)

Journal Articles;

Apollo O. Maima and Were L. L. Munyendo 2018. Antimicrobial Assay of Aqueous Extracts of Selected Ethno-pharmacologic Alternatives Used by the Maasai Community of Narok, Kenya. European Journal of Medicinal Plants 26(3): 1-11

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Habiba I. Benza and Were L.L. Munyendo. 2011. A Review of Progress and Challenges in Soft Gelatin Capsules Formulations for Oral Administration. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research. 10 (1):20 – 24


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