The School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences holds initiation and White coat ceremony summer 2024 edition

By Selina A. Atarah

Friday, May 17 was a remarkable day for the students in the School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (SPHS) at USIU-Africa, especially for the freshmen who had joined the various programs at the start of the summer semester. It was the day they were officially recognized as members of the prestigious SPHS community. For those who had chosen the path of studying pharmacy, they were adorned in white coats during a symbolic ceremony known as the White Coat Ceremony, a tradition in the pharmacy profession that ushers in new members.

The ceremony commenced around 11 a.m. with spirits high and excitement building in anticipation of what might unfold. The Dean of the School, Prof. Shital Maru alongside the DVC - Student Life, Dr. Victor Boiyo, welcomed everyone present, sharing nuggets of wisdom from their many years of experience.

The event also featured various industry experts from the different program offered at the School, including Pharmacy, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Analytical Chemistry, and Applied Biochemistry. Attendees were delighted to hear remarks from representatives of the Kenya Medical Association, the main sponsor of the event, as well as from the Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya. Dr. Priyanka Chotai, the Managing Director of Health for Jalaram Medical Services, and many other distinguished speakers also addressed the gathering.

The White Coat Ceremony segment of the event was headlined by Dr. Larry Kimani, a distinguished professional in the pharmacy industry and a lecturer of clinical pharmacy at USIU-Africa. He administered the pledge of professionalism to USIU-Africa’s newest and most enthusiastic set of young pharmacists, the Class of 2029.

The event came to a climax with expressions of gratitude and plenty of photo-taking moments to capture the memories. This occasion was a collaborative effort featuring the Electoral College Representatives at SPHS, USIU-Africa Pharmacy Students Association (UPSA), and Epi/Bio Club.

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