Dr. Gladys G. Njoroge

Assistant Professor and a Researcher in Biostatistics

Areas of interest/specialization:
Current areas of Research Interest:
Dr. Gladys G. Njoroge, an Assistant Professor and a Researcher in Biostatistics, Department of Pharmacy Practice and Public Health, School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences at the United States International University-Africa, has previously served as the Head of Mathematics Section in the Physical Science Department, Chuka University. She has published several Articles in refereed Journals and Book Chapters in Research Areas such as Statistical Modelling and Optimization, Experiments involving Herbal Formulation, Statistical Estimation and Product Optimization, Mathematical Disabilities and Difficulties and Universal Design for Learning (UDL). She has also attended and participated in National and International Academic Conferences and Workshops such as Mathematical Modelling for Infectious Diseases, Survival Analysis for Cancer Epidemiology and Application of R Software in Data Analysis and Modelling and Optimization of Malaria Intervention Mix.

Dr Njoroge, has been involved in writing several Research Grant Proposals such as: Longitudinal Analysis and Optimization of Household Food and Nutrition Security among Smallholder Farmers relying on Short Season Crops in Western and Central Kenya and Optimal Designs in Split-Plot Mixture-Process Experiments: An Application to Diabetes Mellitus Herbal Treatment. In addition, she was one of the Co-investigators in the Grant Proposal An observational Study of Acceptance, Safety and Effectiveness of ANTIVIR-H and Imb Natural Products on Clinical, Quality of Life and Economical Outcomes of Covid-19 in Kenya. Further, she has been active in Peer Reviewing of Manuscripts, Monographs, Journal Articles and Book Chapters.

Dr Njoroge, has successfully supervised Masters Theses and PhD Dissertations (and is still supervising). She has been a Member of Thesis and Dissertation Defence Committees and an External Examiner of PhD and Masters Dissertations. Moreover, she is a Member of Caucus for Women in Statistics, the International Biometric Society and Women in Science for the Developing World. In addition, she has been actively involved in Community Engagements such as being a Member of Non-governmental Organization Boards, Board of Management in Kenyan Schools and in giving Motivational Talks in Mathematics to Students in various High Schools.

Academic Degrees:

  • XXXX - PhD (Biostatistics)
  • XXXX - MSc., in Leadership
  • XXXX - B.Ed. (Hons)

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