The USIU-Africa Pharmacy Students Association hold the inaugural pharmacy finalists' dinner

By Gaius Munene

On the memorable evening of 29 September, 2023, the USIU-Africa Pharmacy Students Association (UPSA) hosted the much-anticipated UPSA Finalists' Dinner at the Concord Hotel & Suites in Parklands, Nairobi. This splendid event served as a heartwarming tribute to the remarkable journey of the Bachelor of Pharmacy graduating class of 2023, who had successfully completed their studies.

The dinner was a collaborative effort between UPSA and the graduating class, and it was truly one for the history books. The event was graced by a number of faculty members including the UPSA Patron Dr. Ermias Terefe, the Dean of School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Prof. Francis Ndemo and Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics –Transformative Teaching, Learning & Research Prof. Amos Njuguna. They congratulated the graduating class for their significant accomplishment and encouraged them to pursue greatness in everything they do. They also reminded the graduands that USIU-Africa will always be their home and they are always welcomed back.

A number of UPSA partners were also present at the ceremony to celebrate the milestone with the graduands and to welcome them into their professional journey. Dr Kennedy Koech, Director Kenya Medical Association Sacco, advised on the importance of financial literacy and the benefits of joining the Doctors' Sacco. Dr Kahura Mundia, Deputy National Chairperson, Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union (KMPDU), encouraged the young doctors to be active in the union and to be at the forefront advocating for doctors’ and patients' rights; also present from the union was Dr Ida Moturii who reiterated Dr Kahura's words. Dr Aneez, head of PR Committee from the Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya (PSK), emphasized on the role Pharmacists have to play in strengthening health systems remarking that Pharmacists are the intelligent solution. Dr Cohen (Chair-Young Pharmacists Group-PSK) and Dr Hezron (Communications Head-PSK) who are also alumni of USIU-Africa were present to welcome the graduands into the profession giving their insight on how their journey has been so far and offering nuggets of wisdom.

It was truly an evening of reflection and a testament to the pharmacy graduands hard work and dedication throughout their academic journey. In this joyous gathering, we honored not only the achievements of our future pharmacists but also the enduring commitment of UPSA and her partners in nurturing excellence within the pharmaceutical community. The UPSA Finalists' Dinner 2023 was a memorable event that marked the beginning of a bright future for the graduating class and celebrated the continued success of UPSA in shaping the future of pharmacy.

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