Dr. Calvin Omolo, faculty member at the School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences featured in an article by the Standard

By CTW Team
Dr. Calvin Omolo, the Chair of the Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmacy Practice at the School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences was recently featured in an article that ran on the Standard Newspaper’s digital platform.

In the article, Dr. Omolo spoke about his journey to being a professional in the field of Pharmaceutics, noting that his initial interest was in IT.

“I had never aspired to study medicine, but when I went to set up software at a pharmacy in Tanzania, I realized I could easily understand the prescription of drugs and the proprietor suggested that I study pharmacy,” he said.

So, he applied to study medicine in a university in Tanzania and used the money he received from installing the software to pay for his first degree in Pharmacy. He went through campus courtesy of scholarships which also catered for his Masters and PhD studies.
“One of my lecturers told me he had seen great potential in me and would link me up with someone who has a laboratory, equipment and funding to work with,” he says. That was how Dr. Omolo found himself at KwaZulu-Natal University in South Africa, where he enrolled for his Masters in Pharmaceutics.

On completion of his Doctoral studies, he came back to Kenya where he is now an Associate Professor of Pharmaceutics at the School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. He is also the Principal Investigator at the Novel Drug Delivery Unit and co-investigator and collaborator in the Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry Research Groups at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa.
He is working on a research project focusing on making and programming nanomedicines targeting specific disease sites in the body as well as troubleshooting complex drug solubility-related research to improve drug bioavailability, bioactivity, biocompatibility, targeted delivery, and immunity priming and training.

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