School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences holds Oathing Ceremony for Pharmacy students

By Diana Bironga

Last Friday, the Oathing Ceremony for the Bachelor of Pharmacy class of 2022 was held to formalize their completion of the program, making them full-fledged Pharmacists.

In attendance were representatives from the Ministry of Health, the Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya, and officials from the United States Pharmacopoeia. Also in attendance were Prof. Freida Brown, the outgoing Vice Chancellor, Prof. Margee Ensign, the Vice Chancellor, and Prof. Munyae Mulinge, the Deputy Vice Chancellor-Academic and Student Affairs. Dr. Rogers Atebe, the Chair of the Pharmacy and Poisons Board also graced the ceremony and administered the Oath.

Prof Mulinge congratulated the graduates, asking them the respect the oath they took, and urged them to go out and practice their profession ethically, sentiments that were echoed by Prof. Brown, who asked the students to make USIU-Africa proud.

Before the graduating class took the oath, Dr. Rogers Atebe reminded them of the nobility of the pharmacy profession and a short history of the oath. After they took the oath, he encouraged them to always act in the best interest of the patients.

The valedictorian, Dr. Kerai Dhruti, shared a recollection of the journey by the graduating class. She recounted the struggles they went through with their studies and advised them to continue with the phoenix-like attitude in their future endeavors.

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