Bachelor of Technology in Analytical Chemistry

Program Overview

This program is anchored in the belief that graduates who are well equipped with appropriate knowledge, skills and values deliver excellent professional services. The program is thus designed to instill the requisite knowledge, skills and attitudes for designing, conducting and analyzing samples using analytical instrumentation, write reports and manage a laboratory.

The program objectives contribute to the University mission outcomes which are higher order thinking; literacy; global understanding and multicultural perspective; preparedness for career; community service; and leadership and ethics.

The goal of the Bachelor of Technology in Analytical Chemistry is to provide students with hands-on practical experiences in the laboratory in the core areas of analytical chemistry such as instrumentation, quality control and quality assurance of laboratory practices.

Students will be able to demonstrate the ability to conceptualize, identify and collect relevant chemical data and present findings in a scientific context.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the BTech. in Analytical Chemistry program, students will be able to:

  • Apply chemical concepts and theories in addressing current scientific problems;
  • Design and carry out experiments using appropriate analytical methods and protocols;
  • Evaluate experimental data with the appropriate statistical methods and communicate scientific reports with a high level of professionalism to chemists and non-chemists;
  • Conduct research to solve chemical problems and explore new areas of research;
  • Use proper procedures and regulations for safe handling, storage, and use of chemicals;
  • Undertake quality control in industrial, private, institutional or research laboratories.

Admission Requirements

To obtain admission into the program, an applicant must satisfy one of the following requirements:

  • Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) or its equivalent with a minimum aggregate of C+ and attained the following minimum grades in the specified subjects: C+ in Chemistry, C+ in Physics or Biology or Biological Science, C+ in Mathematics and C+ in English.


  • Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education (KACE) with two principal passes in Chemistry and Mathematics and a subsidiary.


  • Five (5) upper level passes at IGCSE/IB.


  • Five (5) credits in any 5 subjects at ‘O’ Level, and/or ‘A’ Level passes of C at GCE.


  • Holders of Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) Diploma in Analytical Chemistry or its equivalent earned from accredited institutions with a credit in Analytical Chemistry courses.

Career Options

Graduates should be able to launch a successful career in both public and private sectors within a broad range of scientific spectrum such as laboratory assistants, laboratory technologists and managers or pursuing various chemistry research opportunities.

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