Musau, Josephine Ndanu, PhD

Name: Dr. Josephine Ndanu

Areas of interest/specialization: Human conflict, psycho-trauma and mental health.


Telephone: 0722993709

1. 0 Biography

Dr. Josephine an assistant professor of psychology. She is a researcher and practicing clinical psychologist. She holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Daystar University, Kenya; M.A in Counseling Psychology, M.A in Philosophy and Religious Studies, and Bachelor of Education from Kenyatta University, Kenya; Higher diploma in Psychological Counseling, and Diploma in Human Resource Management. Dr. Ndanu has interacted with international and local scholars in workshops and seminars whose themes touch on a wide range of mental health and global issues such as HIV attitude change and Feminist Theologians. She is currently supervising students’ master’s theses. Josephine conducted research on internally displaced persons (IDPs) after the 2007/8 post-election violence in Kenya. She is an experienced therapist who has practiced in institutions and churches such as Kenya Institute of Business and Counselling Studies (KIBCo), Kenya Technical Trainers College, Nuru Counseling Centre - Daystar University and Christ is the Answer Ministries (CITAM) Counseling Centre. Dr. Josephine has also dealt with children and youth clients in both primary and secondary schools and slums, for example, Chosen Children of Promise (CCP) in Kawangware slums in Kenya. She also counseled survivors of the 2007/8 PEV with different teams. Dr. Ndanu has published in refereed/peer-reviewed independent international and local journals. She has authored Training Handbook for Youth polytechnics Instruction in Kenya. She is currently writing a book chapter and participating in the writing of multilingual online dictionary.

2.0 Academic Degrees

  • PhD- Clinical Psychology: Daystar University. Specialization: Psycho-trauma

  • Master of Arts - Counseling Psychology: Kenyatta University.

  • Master of Arts - Philosophy and Religious Studies: Kenyatta University.

  • Bachelor of Education: Kenyatta University.

  • Higher diploma in Psychological Counseling: Maranatha College of Professional Counseling and Training.

  • Diploma in Human Resource Management: Kenya Institute of Management.

    3.0 Journal Articles / Publications

  • Musau, J., Omondi, M., & Khasakhala, L. (2018). The Prevalence of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) among Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Maai Mahiu Camp in Nakuru County, Kenya. The Journal of Internal Displacement (JID), 8(2).

  • Musau, J. N. (2018) - Prevalence of Depressive Disorder and the associated social and demographic characteristics in a post-conflict setting: Maai Mahiu IDP in Nakuru, Kenya.

    Elixir International Journal.

  • Musau, J., Munene, A., & Khasakhala, L. (2017). Types and Forms of Traumatic Events Experienced by the Internally Displaced Persons Living in Maai Mahiu Camp during the 2007/8 Post Election Violence in Kenya. African Journal of Clinical Psychology.

  • Musau, J. et al., (2011) - Psycho-social challenges faced by Internally Displaced Persons

    in Maai Mahiu camp in Rift Valley Province. Kenyan Journal of Guidance and

    Psychology, 1(1).

    3.2 Books

  • Musau, J. et al., (2007) – Training Handbook for Youth polytechnics Instruction.

    3.3 Book Chapters

  • Musau, J., & Wasanga, C. (2019). Book chapter in the Bloomsbury Education and Childhood Studies (in progress).

    3.4 Multilingual online dictionary

  • Iraki, F., Awuor, Q., Musau, J. (2019). Multilingual online dictionary project (indigenous languages) - (in progress).

    4.0 Teaching

  • Psychology courses (Tertiary and university level).

  • Guidance and counseling.

  • Human resource management and Programme development.

  • Teaching methods.

  • Microteaching.

  • Christian Religious Studies.

  • Kiswahili.

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