Prof. Aleksi Ylonen

Professor of International Relations    |     +254 730 116 699

Areas of Interest and Specialization:
International politics; armed conflict and peace; the state, separatism, and interventionism; the greater Horn of Africa

Prof. Aleksi Ylonen is a Professor of International Relations. He has held a number of positions in various research and higher education institutions in Europe. Prof. Ylonen’s publications include books, journal articles, essays, and other work published in numerous scholarly outlets.

Academic Degrees:

Doctorate in International Relations and African Studies, Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain), MA in Peace, Conflict, and Development Studies, Jaume I University (Spain), and BA in History, College of Charleston (USA).

Publications (Where possible include the link to the publications)

Recent Publications in Journals:

  • Aleksi Ylonen, “From Demonisation to Rapprochement: Abiy Ahmed’s Early Reforms and Implications of the Coming Together of Ethiopia and Eritrea”, Global Change, Peace & Security (2018).
  • Aleksi Ylonen, “Inheriting Power: Somaliland’s Political Institutions and the 2017 Presidential Election”, Review of African Political Economy (2018).

Recent Books:

  • Aleksi Ylonen, On State, Marginalization, and Origins of Rebellion: The Formation of Insurgencies in Southern Sudan (Trenton: Africa World Press, 2016).


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