Deputy Ambassador Adriana Telles Ribeiro from the Embassy of Brazil in Nairobi delivers insightful guest lecture on women in diplomacy

By Jacqueline Lidonde

On June 5, the IRL 3021 African Philosophy & Ideologies class had the distinct honor of hosting Deputy Ambassador Adriana Telles Ribeiro from the Embassy of Brazil in Nairobi. This enlightening session, led by Dr. Mbae, was further graced by the presence of Dr. Margaret Njoroge.

Deputy Ambassador Ribeiro's lecture, centered on the theme ‘Women in Diplomacy,’ offered an in-depth exploration of the global context of women's roles and contributions within the diplomatic sphere. She drew upon her extensive experience and shared insightful perspectives on how women diplomats are shaping international relations today.

In her presentation, Deputy Ambassador Ribeiro highlighted the significant strides and persistent challenges faced by women in diplomacy worldwide. She provided a comprehensive overview of the evolution of women's participation in diplomacy, touching on the historical barriers and the progressive milestones achieved over the decades.

Focusing on the Brazilian experience, Deputy Ambassador Ribeiro shared valuable insights into how Brazil has been fostering gender equality in its diplomatic corps. She emphasized the country's commitment to empowering women through inclusive policies and the active promotion of female diplomats to leadership positions. This narrative was not just a reflection of Brazil's diplomatic landscape but also a source of inspiration and a model for other nations striving for gender parity in diplomacy.

The discussion also delved into the Kenyan experience, drawing parallels and contrasts between the two countries. Deputy Ambassador Ribeiro acknowledged Kenya's efforts in promoting women within its diplomatic ranks, noting the country's progress and the unique challenges it faces. This comparative analysis enriched the students' understanding, providing them with a nuanced perspective on the global and local dimensions of women in diplomacy.

The lecture concluded with a vibrant Q&A session, where students engaged with Deputy Ambassador Ribeiro, posing thoughtful questions and discussing various aspects of her presentation. Her candid responses and practical advice left a lasting impact on all attendees, inspiring many to consider careers in diplomacy and international relations.

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