The Languages and Literature Department issues certificates for various languages

By Lynnette Nzioki

The Languages and Literature Department in the School of Humanities & Social Sciences held a certificate awarding ceremony for students who completed certificate courses in English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Swahili, Basic Kenya Sign Language, and Advanced Kenya Sign Language. This significant event marked a culmination of rigorous study and practice, celebrating the achievements of students as they expand their linguistic capabilities and cultural understanding.

During the ceremony, the Chair of the Department, Dr. Naom Nyarigoti, delivered an inspiring message to the graduates. Dr. Nyarigoti encouraged the students to strive towards learning a minimum of three languages and emphasized the importance of taking every opportunity to study languages as they pursue their degrees. This advice resonates deeply within a globalized world where multilingualism is increasingly linked to professional success and personal growth.

Faculty members who had directly contributed to the students’ learning journey were also in attendance. Prof. Iraki, who taught French, Ms. Mbugua, the instructor for Chinese, Ms. Magut, who handled English courses, and Dr. Mweri, who taught Kenya Sign Language, all shared their pride and joy in seeing their students reach this important milestone.

The event not only celebrated the students’ accomplishments but also highlighted the department’s commitment to promoting linguistic diversity and proficiency. In today’s interconnected world, understanding multiple languages is not just an academic achievement but a vital skill that opens doors to numerous opportunities.

As these graduates move forward, they carry with them not only a certificate but also a profound appreciation for the diverse ways in which language shapes human connections and experiences. The skills they have acquired are keys to their unlocking new opportunities in careers where communication, cultural sensitivity, and diversity are highly prized.

The Department of Languages and Literature continues to uphold its mission to equip students with the necessary tools to succeed in a multicultural, multilingual world and looks forward to welcoming new students into its dynamic programs.

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