Criminal Justice Club takes part in team building exercise

By Esther Wekoto

Building stronger teams while unlocking the power of collaboration has become essential for achieving success in any work environment. The Criminal Justice Club, on June 2, 2023 engaged in team building initiatives to enhance communication, cultivate strong partnerships and maximize productivity.

The team building took place at Evergreen Park from 9am to 2pm, where members acknowledged teamwork as the foundation of their achievements. Accompanied by their patrons, Ms. Rachael Ngumi and Dr. Christopher Cooper, they had the chance to come together to share their unique skills and perspectives contributing to remarkable results. The members identified reasons teamwork to be crucial as:

  • Improved communication that was openly encouraged during team events. The members got to promote and exchange ideas while giving constructive feedback after active listening. This built better decision-making skills and stronger relationships across the team.
  • Enhanced morale and motivation that occurred when individuals felt valued, supported and part of a team. The club was able to attract new members through the encouraged participation of interested students who accompanied them to the event. The ability to appreciate a person or make them feel appreciated builds an encouraging atmosphere for growth and success. It encourages one to show up and convinces them their voice is heard. This brings inspiration to the team members need to show their best effort for fruitful results.

The team was able to develop strengthened problem solving and decision-making abilities by sharing experiences and innovative thinking by playing games. The members brought up creative situations and possible solutions through which they compared a work hard or work smart position to understand the better option. The team was able to identify time management and identification of strengths and weaknesses as efficient ways of tackling future pursuits.

It’s also important to note that teams that work together grow together and tend to be more productive and successful. With the identified strengths of the Criminal Justice Club by the members, they look forward to more opportunities and challenges which will influence their growth and dedication.

Criminal Justice Club has identified team building as a transformative tool for teams looking forward to unleashing their full potential. Through identifying the importance of its effectiveness, the club can create dynamic working environments while accommodating each person’s capabilities to achieve extraordinary results.

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