Department of Languages and Literature awards certificates of completion in their short course programs

By Quin Awuor

On Friday, May 19, 2023, the Department of Languages and Literature in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at USIU-Africa ccelebrated the achievements of over 30 students from Cohort 1 and 2 of their short courses. The Department awarded certificates of completion to these students who had completed various language courses, including Kenya Sign Language (KSL), Swahili, English Writing Intensive, Spanish, Chinese, and French.

The ceremony was filled with an atmosphere of excitement and joy as the faculty, students, and staff gathered to recognize the hard work and dedication of the students at the SHSS rooftop. Each student had the opportunity to share their experiences during the beginners and intermediate short certificate course sessions, and they showcased their newly acquired language skills by speaking in the language they had learned.

One notable student, Rahab Cheche, a KSL graduand and representative of the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program Director, Ms. Linet Aguko, captured the attention of the audience with her heartfelt remarks. Rahab and Zubeda couldn't finish their address without imparting some keywords and signs in KSL, allowing the audience to have a glimpse into the beauty of Kenya's sign language.

The keynote address was delivered by Prof. Michael Kihara, Associate Dean at the School of Graduate Studies, Research and Extension who represented the Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Prof. Martin Njoroge, during the event. Prof. Kihara's speech highlighted the importance of language learning in today's globalized world and commended the students for their commitment to expanding their linguistic horizons.

The acting Chair of the Department of Languages and Literature, Dr. Awuor applauded the faculty in the Department for their efforts as they continue to provide remedial classes and valuable language short courses that equip students with essential linguistic skills and cultural understanding. With each successful cohort, the Department contributes to the growth and diversity of language education, fostering a more inclusive and interconnected USIU-Africa community and the entire society.

Admissions for Cohort 1 in French and Spanish are still ongoing. Interested individuals should reach out to the Principal Academic Advisor at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Ms. Lynnette Nzioki on

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