Department of International Relations holds public lecture on Diplomacy and Diplomatic Practice

By Allan Kariuki

The School of Humanities and Social Science through the Department of International Relations held a public lecture on “Diplomacy and Diplomatic Practice” on Thursday, March 3. The guest speaker, Mr. Saleh Bashir Ali, took the audience through his experience as a practitioner within Kenya’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In his address, he spoke about the duties held by diplomatic technicians within the ministry, emphasizing the value of timeliness and humility through his humorous anecdotes. “My team and I deal with different personalities, and must work to meet the needs of important people and their entourages” he said, noting that he had also been able to travel around the world on behalf of the Kenyan government.

Overall, Mr. Ali’s lecture gave the audience a glimpse into the nuances of diplomatic practice. It showed how regimented diplomacy can be and allowed the audience to appreciate the impact that diplomats within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have.

Mr. Ali holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Government from the University of Nairobi and a post-graduate diploma in Human Rights and International Humanitarian and Refugees Laws from The Indian Academy of International Law and Diplomacy in New Delhi, India. He has also worked extensively within Kenya’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a Senior Protocol Officer, and as a leading clerk at the Kenya High Commission in New Delhi, India. Currently, he works privately as business owner, and as a guest lecturer at Riara University.

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