Dr. Waithima, Charity Wangui

Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator, Psy.D (Clinical Psychology)
cwaithima@usiu.ac.ke    |     +254 730 116 614


Dr. Charity Waithima is an Assistant professor of Psychology. She holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology, M. A. Counseling Psychology and Bachelor of Education ( BEd. Science-honors). She is a highly motivated researcher, practicing clinician/psychotherapist and educator with broad teaching, research, assessment and administration experience. She has held various senior administrative and teaching positions in various institutions of learning for the last thirty years. She is a consultant in behavior management and a certified professional mediator accredited by the Kenya judiciary.

Dr. Waithima has been involved in curriculum development, review and mentorship at both undergraduate and post graduate levels. She supervises post graduate theses and dissertations at both Master’s and PhD level. She is an external theses examiner for three Kenyan Universities. She has published articles in refereed journals, published a book on adolescent substance use prevention and co-published book chapters on family conflict leading to divorce and one on mental wellness during the Covid 19 pandemic. She has also contributed to manuals on HIV and Aids Counseling with the current one on messaging by religious leaders on how to prevent and protect communities from the corona virus infection published by the Ministry of Health and the National Aids Control Council (NACC), Kenya.

She has attended many local and international conferences and presented papers. Her research interest is in Biological Psychology, adolescent psychology as well as addiction studies. She is actively involved in community service. She is consistently consulted and featured as a mental health expert on various local and international media outlets via TV, radio and print media. She is a member of World Council for Psychotherapy, KCPA & KPsyA.

Academic Degrees:

  • 2016: PhD. Clinical Psychology, Daystar University, Nairobi, Kenya
  • 2007: Counseling Psychology, Daystar University, Nairobi, Kenya
  • 2002: Bachelor of Education (Science) (Honors), Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya


Journal Articles

  1. Mwiti, A., Wahome, L., Waithima, C. & Munene, A. (2020). Traumatic Events Common among Deaf Adolescents in Kenya. African Journal of Clinical Psychology 3 (2) https://www.daystar.ac.ke/ajcp
  2. Musyoka, M.M., Ndiga, B. & Waithima, C.W. (2020). Role of Parents in Prevention of Substance Use among Adolescents in Selected Public Secondary Schools in Mumbuni Location-Machakos County, Kenya. African Journal of Education and Social Sciences 7(1), 148-163. http://arjess.org/education-research/role-of-parents-in-prevention-of-substance-use-among-adolescents
  3. Waithima, W., Muigai, G., & Ng'ang'a, K. (2020). Effects of Self-awareness on Organization Leadership in Non-governmental Organizations in Nairobi,Kenya. International Journal of Humanities, 8(3). http://www.internationaljournalcorner.com/index.php/theijhss/article/view/151761
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  5. Waithima, C. W. & Wahome, L. (2019) Alcohol Use Dynamics and mitigation among Adolescents in Rural Kenya: Asian Journal of Interdisciplinary Research 2(2), 44-55. DOI: http://doi.org/10.34256/ajir1925
  6. Waithima, C. W. (2017) Life Skills Enhancement for Psychoactive Substance Use Reduction among School Going Adolescents in Kenya: International Journal of Social Sciences, 3(2), 2000-2014. https://dx.doi.org/10.20319/pijss.2017.32.20002014 URL: http://grdspublishing.org/index.php/people/author/submission/518
  7. Waithima, C. W. (2017) Substance Use Assessment among School Going Adolescents in Kenya: Africa. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 1, 23-35. URL: http://www.daystar.ac.ke/ajcp/index.html


  1. Waithima, C. (2020). Life skills Enhanced Model for substance use prevention: An Evidence-Based Outcome among Adolescents in Kenya. Mauritius: Scholars Press. URL: scholars-press.com/#

Book Chapters

  1. Waithima, C. (2020). The Journey Within: Taking action for Mental Health. In Thamari, M. & Ogalo, G. (Ed.). Accept. Adapt. Act: Hope and resilience in the wake of a pandemic (pp. 86-97). Light-up Consulting. Amazon.com
  2. Waithima, A., & Waithima, C. (2015). Effects of divorce and separation on children in Oladipo, R (ed.). Towards redeeming Christian marriage and Family in Kenya. Nairobi: Daystar University.


  1. Ministry of Health. (April 2020). Congregational Health Messages on Covid 19 for use by Religious Leaders. NACC: Nairobi, Kenya.
  2. Kungu, L. W. et al. (2019) HIV & AIDS: Counseling Guide for Religious Leaders. Africa Christian Health Association Platform. Nairobi, Kenya.
  3. Chesire, E.M. et al. (2017) Key HIV Messages for Mainstreaming: Faith Sector. National AIDS Control Council. Nairobi, Kenya.

Area of Interest/specialization:

  • Clinical Psychology (Biological Psychology,
  • Psychopathology,
  • Psychological Assessment,
  • Health Psychology,
  • Developmental Psychology and
  • Addiction studies

Courses Teaching:

  • Neuropsychology
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Psychopathology
  • Chemical Dependency
  • Health Psychology
  • Tests and Measurements in Behavioral sciences
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Human Sexuality
  • Adolescent Psychology
  • Psychology of Learning
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Internship