About the Social and Behaviour Change Program

USIU-Africa, (through the Psychology Department, School of Humanities and Social Sciences) in partnership with the Centre for Behaviour Change and Communication (CBCC) provides a short course programme on Social and Behaviour Change (SBC).

Why Social and Behaviour Change training?
SBC interventions have increasingly been viewed as the key to addressing complex and dynamic issues at individual and societal level to influence lasting and sustainable change. This approach supports people-centred development and has been shown to influence lasting and sustainable behaviour change. There is thus a greater need to integrate and invest in SBC as a pillar in development planning and to facilitate high impact achievements and efforts to address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Benefits of enrolling for the SBC Training Program

  • The programme is specially customized to meet the SBC needs of different stakeholders.
  • We have experienced SBC faculty members & practitioners.
  • We use a curriculum that has been implemented and its effectiveness tested across Africa.
  • We use competency-based methodologies and approaches.
  • There is an opportunity to network and interact with SBC practitioners across different sectors.
  • Certificates are awarded upon successful completion of each course.

Programs Offered

The course that will be offered at USIU-Africa campus is: Social and Behaviour Change Training and Certification Programme for Practitioners.

Programme Description
The programme is designed for professionals who want to be competent in planning, designing, implementation, monitoring and evaluating effective SBC programmes. It introduces innovative and evidence-based SBC approaches applicable across different sectors.

What to Expect
Participants who enroll for this program can expect to:

  • Increase their knowledge and practice in current SBC design, approaches, strategies, tools, and models in the development sector.
  • Learn effective SBC programme planning, designing, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.
  • Learn about SBC innovations and the use of technology.
  • Learn how to integrate SBC programs to meet the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Learn through competency-based approach.
  • Interact with SBC practitioners in different fields.

Who can enroll?

  • Government managers at National and Regional levels.
  • Senior and middle level officers in International & Local NGOs, and Faith Based Organizations from different sectors in Health, Education, Agriculture and Livelihoods sectors, Finance and Governance and Democracy.
  • Managers, Senior and middle level officers from Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in organizations.
  • Managers, Senior and middle level officers from Advertising and Public Relations agencies.

How to Apply

Training dates
The classes will be offered between October 25th - November 24th. The course is a 5 week program offering a 1 day modular course each Friday, delivered via hybrid learning (4 weeks virtual and 1 week physical).

Training Faculty
The SBC training programme is facilitated by distinguished faculty members from both CBCC and USIU-Africa bringing experience from both academia and practice. The faculty members are professionals in social and behaviour change, psychology, public health, nutrition, communication, health promotion, agriculture, financial inclusion, education, media, creative design, broadcasting, behaviour change research, and other development areas.

Training Fee and Payment Details
The fee for the Social and Behaviour Change Training and Certification Programme for Practitioners is Ksh. 62,000.
Full payment is expected prior to commencement of the SBC course. The banking details are as below:

1. The Co-operative Bank of Kenya Ltd
Co-op. Bank House Branch, Haile Selassie Av, Nairobi
Account name: United States International University (USIU)
Account No. 01120002134100

2. Kenya Commercial Bank
Thika Road Mall Branch
Account name: United States International University (USIU)
Account Number: 1179516710

3. Mobile Payment Details
MPesa Paybill
Business Number: 516900
Account Number: [Your name], CBCC e.g., Mwanafunzi, CBCC


1. The Secretariat,
Centre for Behaviour Change and Communication
No. 3 Off Ridgeways Road, Ridgeways
P. O. Box 5937 00100 Nairobi, Kenya
Tel. (+254) 786 831 553
Email: sbctraining@centreforbcc.com
Website: www.centreforbcc.com

2. The Secretariat,
United States International University - Africa
School of Humanities & Social Sciences
P. O. Box 14634-00800 Nairobi, Kenya
Tel. (+254) 730 116 626
Email: lynzioki@usiu.ac.ke
Website: www.usiu.ac.ke

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