LaunchPad: Global Sustainable Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program

In today’s world of digitization and hyper-competition, over 90% of start-ups and corporate spin-offs fails within 3-year on average and most individuals’ and companies’ innovations remains a flawed business process, yielding failure rates that are consistently over 80%. In almost any other context, that would be a shocking statistic. Unfortunately, it’s something the entrepreneurial community seems to accept as general standard.

The Question is: WHY such FAILURES?
What is the root cause of failures that’s keeping you stuck in the land of status quo, hold most hostage to fear of starting their own enterprises and achieving their own life dreams? This is what Launchpad Masterclass is designed to address and solve.

Launchpad Masterclass is an immersive and transformative one-year evidence-based program designed to incubate ideas through an Outcome-Driven Innovation strategy and process by inspiring confidence, fueling growth ambitions and seizing new opportunities by establishing high-growth enterprises.


As a participant in this program, you will become an astute entrepreneur cum business models innovator. In doing so, you will learn how to:

  • Identify new business opportunities in the new-normal world.
  • Unpack innovation process to disrupt, defend and win in the hyper-competitive arena.
  • Deconstruct your idea and formulate a winning strategy.
  • Stress test your idea for desirability, viability and feasibility.
  • Validate your idea using 90-Day Incubation & Acceleration cycles.
  • Communicate your idea clearly and concisely-Art of Pitching.
  • Utilize design thinking, blue ocean & lean startup methodology tools to transcend competition.
  • Apply the skills to bring your dream to life of become a high-growth fundable entrepreneur.
  • Operate and unlock the infinite possibilities under conditions of extreme uncertainty.

Who Should Attend

  • First time Entrepreneurs
  • Young and ambitious Innovators
  • Experienced Entrepreneurs--Owner’s Managers
  • World Changer--Startup teams and Founders-CEOs
  • Corporate Transformers--Innovators and Leaders
  • Thought Leaders--MBA Students and Lecturers
  • Business professionals who want to become entrepreneurs


Joseph Kamau,
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