Practical Management Course for AGRO-SMES

An Exciting Opportunity to Learn, Connect and Grow your Agribusiness Enterprise!

The United States International University – Africa’s Global Agribusiness Management and Entrepreneurship (GAME) Centre and Farm Concern International (FCI) are offering a participatory and experiential agribusiness certificate course. The objective of this course is for agri-entrepreneurs to learn, connect with other value chain peers and grow their agribusiness enterprises by enhancing quality and productivity within the agricultural systems

Eligible candidates and Target Group;

  1. Owner or managers of small and medium-sized businesses involved in agricultural product processing
  2. Experience running or managing an agribusiness enterprise or organization
  3. The business must be actively seeking for opportunities in the agricultural supply chain
  4. The applicant should demonstrate entrepreneurial ability and passion to grow the business

Structure of the Program

The program will have three phases and applicants are free to join all the phases or the specific phase that is suitable for them. Phase I and II involves participatory and experiential learning in the following areas:

Phase I

  • Agri-Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Your current Agri-business approach
  • Identifying, assessing and taking advantage of agri-business opportunities
  • Analyzing the market for agribusiness products

Phase II

  • Being bankable and attracting finance for your agri-business
  • Enhancing manufacturing efficiency for your agri-busines
  • Managing people and being successful in negotiations
  • The Loan Application clinic
  • Action for Growth

Phase III involves joining a network of agri-business entrepreneurs where specialists work with you to solve your individual business problems. You will also be invited to attend occasional seminars organized on agri-businesses focusing on topics such as financing, pricing, dealing with counterfeits and building lasting businesses amongst others.


For the year 2020; the dates for the program are:

  • Phase I – April 21 - 23;
  • Phase II – May 25 -29; and
  • Phase III – July/August 2020

Grab this Exciting Opportunity!

The program allows you to join any phase that is appropriate to you. Those who have not attended prior training on agribusiness are advised to attend all three phases.

Please register for the program through the following link


Download program flyer

For further information, please contact;

The Training Coordinator – Salome Asena


Phone Number: +254 714 612 210

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