School of Communication and Creative Arts hosts several media personalities for in-class talks

By Daisy Atino

Last Tuesday, Abel Mutua was invited to speak to Journalism students by Professor Keziah Githinji in her New Media Production class. He spoke about his journey in the industry, opened up about how and where he started from. He also answered questions concerning the film industry and gave tips on the importance of copyrighting one’s work and not despising humble beginnings.

Abel Mutua is a Kenyan actor, screenwriter, content creator, comedian, storyteller and co-owner of The Phil-it Productions Ltd. He is commonly known by his stage name ‘Freddie’, which he acquired while acting in the Tahidi High TV Show on Citizen TV. Nowadays he has a new sensational name of Mkurugenzi, which he uses to introduce himself in his YouTube Channel shows of Celebrity First Encounters, Stories of My Life, Young and Stupid and Headline Hitters.

On Wednesday, November 16, Conrad Gray, (popularly known as G-Money) and Calvin Wanguku spoke to the JRN 3016 Class at the SHSS LT 7 on their experience on Podcasting. The guests were invited by Professor Robi Koki Ochieng. They shared their experience as podcasters and the journey of how they began as podcasters to where they are today. They also interacted with the students by answering questions on podcasting and giving tips on the tricks of the trade. The key takeaways from their visit were that Journalism students need to learn to be patient with their careers, that they should work to train their voices and fine tune aspects of voice like tone and variation and most of all aim to stand out among the rest.

On Monday, November 21, media personality and radio presenter at KISS 100, Ms. Kamene Goro was invited to speak in the Public Communications class taught by Prof. Robi Koki Ochieng.

The radio presenter shared her experience in the industry and gave insights into what goes on into planning and airing a radio program. She also interacted with the students by answering questions and engaged the students further through mini exercises like delivering a 3-minute radio link. By the end of her talk, the students were better informed on the correct structure for a radio show and do‘s and don’ts of being a radio presenter.

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