Bachelor of Arts in Film Production and Directing

With a strong emphasis on both theory and practical skills, the Bachelor of Film and Production Degree seeks to create films professionals who are well versed in the aesthetics and technical aspects of film production and directing. The program aims at helping Kenya and other African countries meet the local media content demand that has been created by the exponential growth of the media industry in the continent.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Bachelor of Arts in Film Production and Directing program will be to prepare students for the rigors of the creative industry by developing their intellectual, managerial, creative, analytical and practical skills to successfully function as professionals and team players in the film creative business.

Program Learning Outcomes
In addition to the university wide outcomes of: higher order thinking; oral and written competence; scientific and technological literacy; global understanding and multicultural perspectives; and service to the community whose foundation is laid by the General Education Program (see section on General Education), the following are the Bachelor of Arts in Film Production and Directing program-specific Learning Outcomes:

  • Analyze film theory, traditions and practices in a global context.
  • Script, produce, direct, shoot, act and edit in films and different genres.
  • Apply ethical, legal and management principles in a film business
  • Use appropriate technology to make films
  • Manage production teams through synergy and resonance to achieve set production goals.

Key Features:

It’s a purely film programme, not hidden under other departments like Literature, Theatre, etc. This makes students focus and specialize. We have conducted industry research and found that many film graduates go for industrial attachment or employment while still unable to perform. USIU’s Film Programme comes in to bridge the gap/disconnect between film training in universities and the industry; we want to train graduates who will not strain to fit in the industry for lack of enough practical exposure. Given the rising demand for content, will make a lot of films as they go on with the programme these can be distributed through various avenues including vlogging platforms. We offer highly practical course with very small classes to ensure one-on-one student-instructor interaction. A well-equipped programme that has enough resources for each student in terms of the latest production technologies, equipment and the latest books in the field. We don’t just view film as an art but also business. That way, our film programme prepares our students to create jobs for themselves and for others, instead of waiting to be employed. Career Options: Directors, actors, producers, cinematographers, sound engineers, broadcast industry, among other related areas.

Learning Resources

BA Film Production and Directing program is well equipped with well-furnished film post-production labs that reflect global industry standards on film production. Our high-end filming equipment and updated library and reading resources makes learning practical and pleasurable. In this program, we bring the film industry into the classroom and take classroom out there into the industry, creating a symbiotic synergy that leaves no gap between the two.

Student Clubs
Students in Cinematic Arts and beyond find space to freely experiment and express themselves through creative productions, criticisms and discussions in Film Club, Journalism club and Mchezo Africa, to mention but a few. These expressive spaces enables students to practice what they learn in their formal training outside the classroom. Through these clubs, our students have made their presence felt in major film and performing arts festivals, winning coveted awards.

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