Dr. Kaluyu guest lectures on emerging trends in globalization

By Dan Muchai

Dr. Jeff Kaluyu, a professor at Stratford University accompanied by Stratford’s Senior Executive Vice President Mary Ann Shurtz, delivered a talk on “Emerging Trends in Globalization and its Impact on Global Strategic Management”, to the Strategic Management class of the MBA - Global Business Management concentration.

He shared fascinating ideas on emerging economies and the role of technology in shaping global strategy. According to Dr. Kaluyu, comparisons between economic trends across continents, point to Africa as an emerging and fertile economic ground for business investors. He also emphasized the need for ethical business practices to protect poor citizens and the wealth of the nations.

The students were challenged to embrace the “mind of a strategist” so as to give practical impact in their areas of work.

Dr Kaluyu holds a PhD in Business Administration and a Masters in Economics from Rutgers University. He has served as a professor and administrator in various universities for over 20 years. He is also a seasoned motivational speaker.

After the talk, Ms. Shurtz, also shared her university’s project-based approach and extended a hand for further collaboration to maximize student experience and success among the two universities.

The class is co-taught by Dr. Veronicah Kaluyu (Assistant Professor of Strategic Management) and Prof. Peter Lewa (Professor of Strategic Management, and Dean – Chandaria School of Business)

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