Dr. Koshal Ntaloi Jeremiah


Dr. Jeremiah Koshal is an Assistant Professor of Leadership at Chandaria School of Business, United States International University. He holds a PhD in Organizational Leadership and an MBA in Management from Regent University, USA, and a Bachelor of Commerce from Daystar University, Kenya. Dr. Koshal teaches in both undergraduate and graduate programs in the areas of Management and Leadership. Dr. Koshal also supervises MBA Theses and DBA Dissertations.

Dr. Koshal is also a seasoned governance and leadership expert with over twenty years of experience mainly in academia and the social sector. He has previously taught and was also a Research Fellow at Regent University, USA, where he helped found the Regent Center for Entrepreneurship, which advocated for starting ethical and sustainable businesses that bring about social, economic and spiritual transformation among disadvantaged populations.

Dr. Koshal has also served in public sector leadership, first, as Chairman of Council of Moi University, a public university with over 45,000 students and over 250 academic programs. He played an oversight role in financial and governance matters of the University. He was also a council member of Taita Taveta University, where he chaired the Audit Committee of the council.

Dr. Koshal is also one of the Lead Consultants at Africa Centre for Entrepreneurship and Leadership (ACEL), an agency that offers consultancy services, as well as training entrepreneurs, managers and leaders for a more transformative corporate and public marketplace. Some of the areas of consultancy and training include strategy development, supervisory training, senior and middle levels leadership, coaching and mentoring, change management, performance management, and succession planning amongst others.

Dr. Koshal was a Senior Lecturer at the School of Management and Commerce at Strathmore University in Nairobi, Kenya, where he taught courses in leadership and management, as well as social entrepreneurship. He also supervised several Masters Theses in the Master of Commerce (MCom) program. Dr. Koshal also developed a curriculum for the Master of Strategic Leadership, as well as short courses for executive leaders and managers.
Dr. Koshal has presented in international conferences as well as offering consulting services in strategy development, change management and leadership.

Academic Degrees;

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Organizational Leadership, Regent University, USA.
  • MBA in Management, Regent University, USA.
  • Bachelor of Commerce (BCom), Daystar University, Kenya.

Publications and Conferences;


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Journal Articles;

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Book Chapters;

  • Koshal, J. N., & Patterson, K. (2021). A Kenyan on Servant-Leadership: Harambee and Service. In Matthew, P., Song, J., Ferch, S. R., & Spears, L. C. (Editors), Global Servant-Leadership: Wisdom, Love, and Legitimate Power in the Age of Chaos (pp. 111-137). Lexington Books.
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Undergraduate: Introduction to Business Organizations, Overview of Management Practices, Social Entrepreneurship, Management of Non-Profit Organizations, Healthcare Management, Global Perspectives of Healthcare Management, Contemporary Issues in Leadership, Systems Thinking, and Strategic Management and Leadership.

Graduate: Leadership, Leadership and Ethics, Seminar in Leadership and Change Management, Strategic Leadership and Change Management.

Teaching Philosophy: As a servant leader, my teaching philosophy incorporates the ideals of the belief of inner dignity and worth, initiative and self-discovery, learner-centered, holistic growth and development of the person, stewardship, the practice of life-long learning, and translating knowledge into action.

Areas of Research Interest;

  • Leadership and governance (public and private corporations) – servant leadership, transformational leadership, board development, and succession planning.
  • Organizational development – strategic leadership and foresight, change management.
  • Social Entrepreneurship.
  • Cross-cultural leadership and management.

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