Business & Dining Etiquette


Course Description: This program addresses communication styles, networking, dining etiquette, meeting etiquette, tipping etiquette, travel etiquette, email etiquette, voicemail etiquette, business cocktail party etiquette, and wardrobe etiquette among others.

Target Group
Executives and any other person who would like to grasp the basics and importance of professional etiquette

Learning Outcomes

  1. Define etiquette and understand how it is valuable to companies and other organizations.
  2. Be familiar on how to present yourself confidently at various business situations
  3. Understand how to use the telephone and email professionally
  4. Understand the etiquette for making business correspondence effective
  5. Familiarize with basic meeting and boardroom protocol
  6. To learn the importance of good grooming
  7. Understand table place settings, napkin etiquette, dining etiquette and basic table manners and develop awareness of multicultural etiquette
1 Introduction to Business Etiquette 2
2 Organizational behavior and professionalism 2
3 Meeting and Boardroom Protocol 2
4 Telephone, email and letter etiquette 2
5 Grooming and Dress code 2
6 Dining etiquette (Part 1 Theory & Part 2 Practical) 4

Program duration: 2 Days

NOTE: This is a flexible program that can be customized to your choice.

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