10,000 Women has partnered with Babson College, a world leader in entrepreneurship education, to develop a world class global curriculum. The modules are outlined below:
Module 1: Orientation
Explore questions about business growth and review business history and aspirations.
Module 2: Understanding Yourself and Your Numbers
Identify personal leadership style and consider how that style impacts the work of employees and overall growth potential. Understand how financial statements are created.
Module 3: Your Current Business Approach
Introduces business development tools to further analyze the current state of a business as a foundation for future growth, including the organizational structure, existing resources, risk assessment, customers, and the competition.
Module 4: Opportunity Identification
Focus on the ability to be creative and innovative in the identification of new opportunities for business growth.
Module 5: Market Feasibility, Vision and Organizational Culture
Work on the customer value proposition and customer acquisition process. Identification of business culture and vision.
Module 6: Financial Statement Analysis and Management Actions
Work on financial statements, including how they relate to each other, and how they help set goals, benchmark progress, and grow the bottom line. Introduction to basic financial ratios to monitor business and growth.
Module 7: Marketing Tactics
Move from basic understanding of market to the implications for marketing and selling, messaging and customer relations. Explore the fundamentals of sales and marketing as related to new business opportunities.
Module 8: Opportunity Assessment by the Numbers and Negotiations Part 1
Assessment of opportunities through basic forecasting and opportunity analysis including aspects of cash flow, ROI and breakeven. Introduce the fundamentals of negotiations and provide an opportunity to practice.
Module 9: Forecasts and Being Bankable
Advance the use of forecasting spreadsheets. Provide an overview of the different types of financing available, how to assess opportunities and prepare for accessing capital.
Module 10: Operations and Processes
Prepare business operations for growth, including technology, process and work flow, and logistics.
Module 11: It’s the People and Negotiations Part 2
Identify the types of human resources needed and the processes to lead the business to successful growth, including recruiting, hiring, developing, and retaining talent.
Module 12: Pricing and Loan Application Clinic
Overview of product/service pricing and costing. Completion of a loan application and advance knowledge of bank lending process.
Module 13 and 14: Action for Growth
Participants pitch their growth plans and financing needs. Includes exercises on networking and business advising to help build and use entrepreneurial networks.

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