USIU-Africa hosts International Seminar on Sustainable Development Goals

Attendees during the presentation by Dr. Michael W. Nicholson and Dr. David Kritzberg, held at the Chandaria School of Business.
By Swabra Abdallah

USIU-Africa hosted Dr. Michael W. Nicholson and Dr. David Kritzberg on Thursday, 23 January 2020, where they shared their draft findings in a paper on the extent Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) from the United States to African Nations and the reverse impact in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals following the announcement of the “Prosper Africa” initiative in June 2018 by the US government.

Their presentation sparked a discussion about their preliminary results and potential directions for the research with the students and faculty who were in attendance. The seminar was organized by Prof. Martin C. Njoroge (Dean, School of Humanities and Social Sciences) and Dr. Teresia Linge (Acting Dean of The Chandaria School of Business) with the assistance from the Partnerships and External Linkages office.

Dr. Michael Nicholson is a diplomat and economist with the U.S. Agency for International Development. Currently based in Kenya, he has worked for USAID in Pakistan, Liberia, Armenia, and El Salvador. He has worked in government, consulting, and in academia, teaching undergraduate and graduate-level economics, business, and law while implementing projects in the Middle East and former Soviet Union, and became a Foreign Service Officer in 2010. His publication record includes peer-reviewed journal articles on trade, antitrust/competition policy, international tax reform, economic development, debt, foreign direct investment, intellectual property rights, and the privatization of WASH services.

Dr. David Kritzberg runs a health care clinical and financial analytics consulting business in California. After completing his doctorate in economics from the University of Colorado, he taught at the undergraduate and graduate level at the University of Colorado at Denver before starting his consulting firm. He has published research on choice-based modeling and environmental valuation.

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