DBA Alumni take part in program review

Members of Alumni department host Alumni from the DBA program during its review

By Susan Muriuki

Four Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Alumni were called upon to take part in a program review on March 20, 2019 at the Chandaria School of Business. The Alumni who included Dr. Majid Twahir DBA (2016) Dr. Agnes Ogada DBA (2017), Dr. Sam Muriithi and Dr. Jacob Ogolla DBA (2016) joined faculty and students currently taking the program. The program review was conducted by a representative from the Commission of University Education (CUE) Dr. Sam Muriithi from Daystar University. The DBA students discussed among other things the status of the DBA program. They mentioned the fact that the program had the best teaching methodology which was combined classroom teaching and case study research which was encouraging to the students. The students also mentioned that they enjoyed the state of the art facilities like the Library that had up to date studying resources. Students are able to access these facilities outside the University and this contributed immensely to their academic enrichment hence they were able to complete their Doctoral programs in real time. In addition, the Alumni expressed their admiration for their supervisors who took them step by step in their academic journey up until on the day of their graduation.

The Alumni further recommended that the University should provide grants and scholarships to the students. They emphasized the need for the University to acquire grants and scholarship that would make it easier for the students to complete their studies. They cited that some of their colleague were unable to finish their education due to financial constraints.

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